Wednesday, 5 April 2017

A simple Amazon affiliate marketing plan to long term online success

Making money on the internet is not hard, but it's not easy either as it takes lots of hard work doing things. Are you motivated enough to put a good amount of time everyday to make your career on the internet? Let's look at a great opportunity that you can do from almost any country in the world. is the largest online marketplace on the world wide web. I am sure you have some idea about purchasing items at Amazon, but did you know you can also join their affiliate program and make commission on sale for referring shoppers to Amazon website. There are many strategies and formulas out there to make money with Amazon affiliate program. I will discuss a very simple method that anyone can do as long you can write about new products.

You can start by creating a Facebook page in a particular niche that you are comfortable at writing. Depending on your knowledge there are endless topics to chose from. Take some time, browse for 2-3 days to find a perfect type of product. I suggest chose something matching your personal hobby. It will help you write a lot and enjoy the work in the same time. Some of the example topics are music, movies, books, useful items such as mobile phone, computer accessories, fashion, etc.

One thing you need to remember, not everything on the internet get spread the same way. Some topics may get huge attention on social media sites, when some may get very small attention from the crowd. Whatever you select, make sure it goes well with the vibe where you will be writing your blog posts. You can also consider starting a blog at Blogger, Wordpress, Tumblr, Livejournal and many more free blogging platforms.

After adding some good amount of contents you need to start promoting it. For a Facebook page, you can do that by making comment on related page post as page name and posting page posts in related groups in Facebook. Don't expect traffic and conversion after writing few articles and posting in some groups. To be successful you need to write at least 200 to 300 articles about different products with Amazon affiliate links and promote the blog or page at thousands of places, not just on Facebook. You can use related groups on other major social media sites, comment on blogs, post in related forums, make videos and post them on Youtube and other video sharing sites and even use paid advertisement once you have a good amount of contents and visitors.



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