Thursday, 16 February 2017

Make Serious Money By Promoting Ebay Products Using Google Adwords

Let's discuss a great way to make money by promoting Ebay products using Google Adwords. This is one of the best affiliate marketing technique that can make you serious money if done right.

Find high converting Ebay products that have special sale or other features. Electronic items are most common for sale items on Ebay. There are many affiliate networks out there. But promoting a brand product makes huge difference comparing to promoting CPA affiliate offers. After you find a good product, find highly targeted websites using managed placements of Google Adwords placement tool. But you may not be allowed to use direct affiliate link as destination url if you are promoting a brand name or if some else is already advertising the product. So I recommend using a landing page with special sale electronic items and promote the page using Adwords placement network. You can try few different products on some targeted high traffic sites and select best converting products and traffic source. You can hire a professional if you need help with the landing page. If you are not a good writer you should also get help for writing contents and set up a Wordpress theme suitable for product review sites.

Here is a great electronic product with 85% sale:

A great targeted site to promote the product above. This site has USA traffic and adsense ads on it with over 2 million weekly impressions:

You can find several affiliate products like this and promote them using Google Adwords.


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