Thursday, 16 February 2017

Digital Marketing Learning Checklist for Beginners

We will start with finding a profitable niche, Keyword research How to check keyword performance and trend How to find long tail keywords SEO Competitive research SEO Tools How to write good contents How to optimize a website Creating social media profiles Different social media tools How to create good contents to share on social media Activities to increase social media engagement and followers/fans Running paid campaigns on Facebook, Twitter and other major social media sites PPC via Adwords campaigns in search and placement network How to build backlinks from different sources Database storage and communication How to create an web2.0 authority page How to build an email list Affiliate marketing How to chose a good affiliate offer How to setup high converting landing page Using Google analytics to understand audience behavior Other ways to create a successful marketing campaign Do you need coaching on all the topics above? Please continue reading.....

I can guide you through tutorials, setting up webpages and ad campaigns on every platform. I will dedicate 2-3 hours every day for up to 30 hours in total. If you can spend more time per day I am happy to give more time and I will not just end the project after spending 30 hours with you. I will rather focus on giving a complete idea about the digital marketing industry. So if it takes more time I am happy to do that. Please contact me to discuss pricing. You can email me at or chat on Skype at inquiry.miah 

I am a professional freelancer with positive feedback from many clients. I see the big picture of the web and digital marketing. Please also see my LinkedIn profile:


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