Monday, 27 February 2017

An easy eCommerce business model and Facebook Ads

Ecommerce is the most popular business model at present days and it takes least efforts to establish the business. You can start an eCommerce business for as low as $100 by making use of available platforms. Let's explore a simple eCommerce business model that we can start at low cost.

There are dropshipping companies for almost every industry where you can buy products to sell on your cCommerce website. But finding a good trustable company can be hard sometime. What about finding something specific that is already selling very well on the internet and the seller has established reputation?

Let's head to the world of real sellers who make their own items and sell them online. is a worldwide marketplace where you can buy handmade items. Let's find something beautiful that is already selling well on Etsy. After doing some research I found this product "Custom Name Metal Bracelet" that is sold 5,405 orders to date. This is a great gift for someone you care and that's why it will sell well in social media. The product is shipped from United states to worldwide.

Contact the seller and ask if you can pay for the item and ship to another address. Most of the sellers will agree and many sellers will be interested in building relationship with eCommerce business owners that will ultimately expand their business too.

You have a product, now it's time to make a website using one of the many ecommerce platforms available that don't need any technical knowledge. This product is selling for $19.99. Because it's a very popular product, you can easily price it for $30 and charge for shipping too.  But I like giving free shipping option as it encourages the visitors to take buy action.

It's time to get some customers. Create a Facebook campaign with the following audience targeting:

Location: Select the country location of your audience
Gender: All
Demography > Life Events > Long distance relationship

Why select long distance relationship? You guessed it right! They are more likely to send gift to their loved ones. If you find this article useful please share your opinion. Thanks for visiting my blog. 


  1. You make some good points about selling items that are easy to sell. But you can use the demographic targeting you mentioned even with products that aren’t as “sellable.” Facebook has a very extended list of targeting conditions that make it possible to reach a very defined audience.

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