Monday, 30 January 2017

What to do if Google Adwords Display Network Ads are not Showing

Did you do any diagnosis for the ads that are not showing?
Visit this URL to learn more:

Are you using any keywords?
Some sites may use negative keywords for displaying their Adsense ads. Read this forum thread to get a clear idea:

Are you using location/age/language targeting?
The website of your placement may not have enough visitor for your location and age group. This is just a possible reason.

Are the pages very relative to your ads?
Make sure your selected placement pages are related to your ads. All the Adwords ads go through human review. Google is very concern to keep Adwords relative to display contents.

Any daily budget?
Low daily budget is a major reason for not showing Google Adwords Display Network ads. Specially if your selected pages receives high volume of traffic.

Using any affiliate link?
Please read Google's policy before using any direct affiliate link. In most cases, your ad will not get impressions.

Sometimes publishers may block certain ads if they have better performing existing ads on their page.

Client Response: I only use the display network with banners... so, I don't what to do with the keywords as I only want the ads to run on specific pages and there are no words in my ads... just images... I am only targeting the USA and gender/age doesn't matter to me at this point... I just want impressions on the specific pages I'm targeting :smile: All my ads are approved.

Answer: For display network you may also try keyword specific automated placement and filter out the best converting ads and placements by their performance. There is no point spending too much time if the ads are not showing. You may be competing against many other people which you don't know. Also if there is a high converting ad on a page, Google may not replace that as even you bid higher. Using keyword targeted auto placement can find you many good converting pages. I am not saying managed placement doesn't work. Depending on niche it can be very competitive.

Here are basics about Google Adwords Display Network ads:

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