Saturday, 21 May 2016

We still have long way to go to establish ethical SEO and online marketing

There are lot of talk of doing ethical SEO and online marketing. But as a freelance marketer I know that we have long way to go. We hear a lot from search engines like Google about how you can amazingly promote a site by publishing seriously good contents. But the reality is a little far from that. We still have the black hat seo professionals and marketers roaming the internet like kings and queens and many wanna be ethical marketers wondering what's wrong with my efforts.

I don't know if anyone would be even reading this post. But I just keep writing expecting that one day we will start speaking truth for real.

Everyone wants to make money. So the people in Google and other corporate companies want to make as money they can. All the ethical talk they do are just part of their PR service to keep you happy and satisfied on their activities.

If you are a marketer or SEO professional want to promote a service or anything, do your math instead of depending on the sweet talks of big companies.

It's all about reaching the right audience. If you have something to say to people or a right product, crack on it and reach your audience doing whatever it takes. From today for a wanna a be ethical marketer like me, there is no so called white hat marketing formula on the internet.

If Google and Facebook can tell all the sweet words and unethically keep my personal data, then who are you and me to be super ethical and be a loser in online marketing. 

Friday, 20 May 2016

How to Earn Extra Money Online Legitimately by Doing Hard Work

What are you? What skill do you have or what can you do? Well, you may not have any knowledge in technology but you can still own an online business with very small or no investment at all. If you are an educated person reading this post and you have a good amount of time that you can invest every day then I have so many good news for you. All I say, create a plan and keep working! 

Work using the freelance marketplaces and service sell sites like Freelance sites are great way to earn extra or full time living using the internet. You can create a profile for free at and apply for one off or even permanent jobs. You would be surprised knowing how many things you can do to earn money without getting any additional training. I have lived in London for a long time and I know for fact people from English speaking countries can easily adapt to different kinds of jobs. May be it's about being more simple and focus at present. Here is a small list of work types that you can do without any training and they are available frequently on freelance websites:

Transcription, Can you write what you hear? Well, transcribing an hour of audio can earn you $20-$30 which I think not a bad pay specially if English is your first language. 

Writing is not preferred by everyone I guess. So only if you like to write about anything. 

Personal Assistants or Virtual Assistants have a great demand on freelance websites. There are many online businesses growing everyday. So you can easily find a per hour job that you can do from home. 

Data Entry may sound a little boring. But if can sit on computer for hours to search and copy/paste data then you can find many jobs using freelance sites. 

There are many other things you can do to start earning money from today. Internet is a great medium for anyone to make an amazing use of it. So go for it and enjoy life! 


Wednesday, 18 May 2016

How to be a successful freelancer and work online

Congratulation on your decision to be a a freelancer and take control of your life. So what skill do you have or plan to learn? That's right! The best way to be a successful freelancer is to have a skill that has high demand in the market. In this article I will share some of my personal experiences and a small summery of what I have learned as a freelancer after working online for last 4 years. I am a full time freelance marketer and web researcher working through Upwork. I have many skills that I learned over time by reading free resources on the web. It really takes your personal will and motivation to take action and start learning.

If you are not sure about what skill would suit you, there is a cool way to figure that out. Okay, so what kind of person are you? Do you like to work a lot? Do want to make lot of money? Or you just want a handsome income and have spare time for other activities? This is a serious issue which may force you career migration after settling in an industry. If you are one of those guys who doesn't care about socializing too much and you are hungry to make money then I would suggest to marketing. Internet marketing is an endless evolving industry that involves several platforms and sectors around the world. Remember, it will take you good amount of time to clearly understand how the web systems work. If you don't really care about making a lot of money, instead you want a moderate income without any business responsibilities. You have many options to chose from. A creative minded person may want to be a graphic designer or illustrator. 3D animation and video editing are also interesting areas to work in.

A graphic designer can earn very handsome income and live a beautiful life. To get started get a copy of the latest version of Photoshop that is Photoshop CC. There are thousands of video tutorials with step by step guides. If feel you need some guidance you can find a local training center where they teach graphic and animation. Believe me you will feel amazing after creating beautiful designs and when it pays a lot of money too, you know how it may feel.

How much can you earn as a graphic designer? It really depends. Because you can get a logo designed for as low as $5 on websites like But there are thousands of logos being designed every day for as high as $5000. You have all kind of places for graphic designers. You can sell many types of designs on different market places like Dribble and Graphic River. Some companies will pay $500 for a logo where some will pay $50. So it really depends on your work quality and current clients you have. It doesn't take long for a graphic designer to improve and get higher paying jobs. You can always start from small and improve over time. When practicing in Photoshop using tutorials, you can also join design competitions on different sites. You may not win any of them. But you get a feel of what people need from a graphic designer. The other thing is you also see how other people are doing and by competing with them you can become better every day. You really need to give time on it. It's not something that you can learn in two three days. To bring perfection it may take you 2 to 5 months or may be earlier if you are that serious.

This is a innovative and creative industry to work in. Even there are thousands of people learning graphic design every day, you still will have enough jobs because of the evolving nature of the Internet and the industries involved. Think of how many people use internet in the world. We have more than half of our population who still don't have access to internet. It's growing everyday with super speed and jobs are created every seconds. When internet grows more web properties are needed and hence more graphic designers are needed to design many things. As a graphic designer you don't have to relay on just internet. There is unknown amount of offline market for graphic design in press, publishing and many other sectors. So it's a growing industry that will keep going for generations.

Do you want to be an Internet marketer instead? An internet marketer is rewarded with many things. As a marketer we really need to learn and focus on people behavior. We analyze consumer actions and trends that keeps us in the tune with current life trends in the world.

How much can you earn as an internet marketer? Man, how far can you take? How hard can you work? How much patient do you have? Can you work without expecting rewards instantly? Can you put hard work in building something valuable? If you can answer all these questions in a positive manner then you can surely become an internet marketer. I have been reading here and there for may be last 6 years or more. But I have been working as a full time freelancer since only last 4 years. Yes, I took really long because I had another full time job that I couldn't just quit. I actually like internet marketing more because of it's nature than earning money. Only recently I started building my own web properties when I have been working for other people using freelance platforms since 4 years. But all these time I have been also reading about different topics in the industry. I learned SEO on my own and remained a white hat professional even though I know many ways of black hat SEO. But at the end of the day spamming isn't my choice. I want to do things freely and proudly.

How to promote a website using Tumblr

Tumblr may not be the hottest platform like Facebook and it may not have all the fame like Instagram. One thing it does have is a regular flow of people in almost any niche market. There are 550 million monthly active users on Tumblr and on average 120K people sign up on Tumblr everyday. What about it?

The first thing is to make a Tumblr blog with link to your main website. Here, you can write blog post or upload photos and videos. Unlike other social media platforms Tumblr also gives you the features to like, comment and share other's posts. So you have a blogging platform that is more like a social media site and you know what? All the links on Tumblr are dofollow which is an important factor for SEO. Here are some of the steps in easy language:

1. Create Tumblr profile
2. Write few posts before you start engaging with other people.
3. Do some reading in your niche on Tumblr, like some posts and start making great comments
4. Keep writing posts, follow more people in your niche and just be real and talk to people
5. Social bookmark your Tumblr posts and share them on other social media sites to get better results
6. Use Tumblr paid Ads to get faster result

One thing I noticed that GIF images are very popular on Tumblr. So find a funny idea matching your product or service and make a cool GIF image. Depending on your business, Tumblr paid ads can bring you great success. Did you know 69% of Tumblr users are Millennials and 42% of the visitors are from the USA. The last best thing is 78% of their traffic comes from mobile device.

Thank you for visiting my blog! Have a great time!

How to promote a restaurant in London using social media sites

Do you own a restaurant in London or any other urban city? Did you know you can take huge advantage of the rising social media sites? Here are the steps in easy language

1. Take as many photos you can (may be few hundreds to thousands) of your meals, restaurant and the team
2. Create a Facebook page and upload few hundred photos there
3. Write your messages with every photos such as special offer, meal price, special night, etc.
4. Click on "Boost post" which you find under every post on Facebook page
5. Select a budget of $50. Promote 5-6 posts to start with
6. Select the demographic option to chose the area, age, occupation and education if you like
7. Be seated and answer the questions people ask on comment
8. Have your phone ready to take bookings

Please make sure you chose the right demographic location since you want to show your ad to the right people in the right area. While promoting some posts using the ad feature, keep posting new photos of your meals and other nice things. Because you gonna have local people liking your page and when you post more photos they will see it on their Facebook wall. I wouldn't advice to over do it. But you can of course upload 20-30 photos in a day and may be promote one or two for $5/$10. When you do that for two weeks you will have thousands of locals as your Facebook page fan who will see each time you upload something. What a great platform it is for a restaurant owner. There is nothing better than showing off your newly created meal offer to all the local people.

Creative website marketing ideas for startups and small businesses

Hello and thank you for visiting my blog! Today I would like to talk about some cool marketing ideas to promote your website. Let's chose a business topic before we plan further. We can take a local flower shop in Brooklyn New York as an example who also has a website.

Flowers are more likely to be bought by most of the happy locals. So we need to find a way to reach the local people in Brooklyn New York using the web. The types of websites we will look for are local blogs, forums, classified sites and local business directories.

You can find local blogs using Google search. So I made a Google search for "brooklyn local  inurl:blog" and found many blogs that are talking local. These guys are posting new articles every day and they have many local readers who live and work around Brooklyn. Read the blogs and make good comments, leave your business name in the name filed and website information. By doing this you have two things done in the same time. One is the local visitors who may like your comment and visit your flower shop website and the other is SEO. You got genuine backlink from a local site that will help you rank on Google when someone searches for flower shops in Brooklyn.