Thursday, 12 May 2016

How to promote a brand new high end restaurant using social media

Do you have an amazing restaurant in a great city? Then you can definitely attract the urban style people using the power of social media sites. We all know that Facebook is the biggest people crowd on the web and of course if not almost everyone of your local customers use Facebook daily. You may have spent hundreds and thousands on making the restaurant. But without the customers there is no value.

Social media platform like Facebook gives us opportunity to advertise and the most interesting thing is, you can target people by age, location (even post code for some cities), gender, education and many other factors. So as a business owner you of course know what type of people may be your customer and where they may live. Now, using these demographic features you can display your message or advertising in front of the people you want. 

What about creating a Facebook page and photos and details of all of your super delicious meals. Now, let's become a little creative. Let's say, you have a restaurant in Paris and you want to make a special night on Monday. 

Offer a free starter with any main meal
Make a great photo with price details and contact
Post it on Facebook page with description
After publishing the post click on boost post to use the ad feature
Start with a $100 budget
Select all the demographic features to make sure the ad is displayed in right area location and other factors. 
Have your phone ready!

Sunday, 8 May 2016

How to get free Amazon gift cards by singing up on different website

We all know Amazon is one of the top marketplace on the internet. If you have a gift card you can cash it when buying something on Amazon. But don't go for all those free gift card generators that promises to generate codes for different amounts of Amazon gift cards. Imagine if that was true, Amazon would have been out of the market by now. Instead of paying cash people would just buy or make an Amazon gift card generator which is almost like faking currency. So let's find out how we can get Amazon gift cards from different companies like Swagbucks.

$100 Free Amazon Gift Card by signing up free membership at Swagbucks is an interesting company where you can earn point, rewards and gift cards for many big companies on the internet. They have many other programs that users can take advantage of to make some extra money.

Instagc is another good place where you can earn gift cards for 290 online companies including Amazon. To earn the gift cards you can join surveys, watch videos, search the web and do shopping if there is anything you need to buy.