Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Social Media Traffic Blueprint in Easy Language for Catering Business Owners

As a business owner you must have heard of recent social media boom that attracted millions of businesses worldwide to use social media sites as a source to reach your audience. Now, it may not apply well for some  businesses. But it works great for many businesses like travel, photography, wedding and endless lists. So how can you take advantage of it as a business owner? Do you own any local business such as restaurants and cafes? Well, the good news is you can make use of social media sites without hiring an expert if you invest one or two hours a day. It may not reward you instantly but you will benefit from it for long term.

Isn't it cool as a cafe or restaurant owner, if you could post your famous breakfast meal photo with all the highlights of fresh ingredients and if that was seen by 200 of your local neighbors, how good it would be? Imagine having a Facebook or Instagram profile where you post photos of fresh meals that you are making everyday in front of an audience of 2000 people fans or followers. Of course, not everyone will see it. But if your fans and followers are local then surely some of them will see all the meals you are posting every morning. You can do that for launch and dinner too. 

Based on for the people in London, here is a cool idea to promote a restaurant or cafe using social media websites:

Create a Facebook page since most people are familiar with it. Now, photos matter! This is what people see to gain trust on you. I found photos of real work performs better on the web. Call it a law of nature or however you can explain it. So take photos when you are making those super tasty breakfasts and other meals and post them whenever you get a chance. It doesn't take lot! If you have a good mobile phone you can take as many photos you like and post them on your page in a second. 

The idea is to give the customers an impression of live activity. I believe we are part of the universe and as a form of energy we love to see things moving and live! So you have an active social media page that is updating every hour or so with fresh photos and all the discount offers and free meals for your best mate. 

Now it comes to getting to the audience. What about making a voucher of 10% discount if you like us on Facebook which I think many people will do or you can even offer a free starter or coffee or tea when someone local likes you on Facebook. Here you go. You build the audience who matter to you. There is no point paying all the big companies. I have seen people paying five thousand pound a month to a SEO company to promote 5 of their branches. Man, this is crazy, you know! 

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

How to Increase Website Conversion? User Interaction Ideas for Small Business and eCommerce Websites

Customers are the bloodline for any business. As a business owner it's your job to make sure you are reaching the right audience and giving them clear ways of communication such as customer service, payment and website navigation. There are many customers who just want to buy one product and may come back in future. These type of customers often find checkout process complicated in most of the eCommerce websites.

Some Thoughts for Serious Entrepreneurs and eCommerce Business Owners

What business do you run or wanting to start one? Internet is a great place to make your dreams come true. But don't get hooked into it too much. Remember this is a virtual platform made by Humans. It's a medium to  communicate like mobile phone and telephone. Internet is of course the greatest medium we have invented so far. It gives us opportunity to reach thousands and millions of people from a single platform and without travelling. So as a business owner you may see the consumers as numbers, but please remember each number is a human being somewhere on earth. Yes, we see no difference between BOTs and Human when analyzing website traffic. But you get the point!

Thank You Google for Creating Innovative Technologies that Have Begun to Help the Real Publishers

I like to write my way and express my thoughts. But the energy to continue definitely comes from the readers and the end users. So it's important to syndicate my contents to the right audience to get the feedback I wish for. I really don't want to think of any keywords and SEO when writing about something. It really doesn't make sense to write for software BOTs when I am trying to express creative things.

I followed the search industry since last 10 years and never did any so called long term SEO campaign. I did try things to learn and tested different ways to be assured as a writer that I don't need to worry about reaching the audience. I saw Google making all the technological and policy updates over the years. To be honest, it's not perfect or close to perfect yet. But it is starting to make sense. At the end of the day, search BOT is a program designed by human but it doesn't have human sense. So the people in Google have done some extraordinary invention of search technology that is starting to help the real publishers who don't care about SEO.

I am sure they will make many more updates to make sense on how to display the right and best information on search result page. One thing many publishers need to realize is Google is not the only source of traffic and they are creating technologies to send you in the Sand box if you are a traffic seeker.

There is a big difference between traffic seekers and real publishers. Yes, the real publishers also want website traffic. But it's not their main goal. When there are many publishers who are just writing for the BOTs instead human. It really puts the end users in confusion sometimes. So we need to make human sense, not BOT sense.

I support all the movements Google is making to improve the search results. Thank you Google for making a better place on the Web. 

Monday, 2 May 2016

SEO Tips for Beginners, SEO professionals, Website Owners and Local Business Owners

SEO Tips for Beginners: The age of Internet have gifted a new era for the business owners. We came to learn about many things in an evolving technology market. SEO stands for search engine optimization which is a way to get your website indexed by Google search BOT. So if you own a bar or restaurant business in London it may interest you to display your business information on the top of the first page when people search in Google for "nice bars in London". The thing is you are not the only person who wants to be there and "best bars in London" is not the only search term that people would search for when intended to find information about bars in London. There are other search terms such as "London bars", "cool places to drink in London" and specific area searches such as "bars in brick lane, London".

So what you need to do as a business owner to get found for those search terms? You, of course don't want to get overloaded by ranking for too many keywords or irrelevant search terms. In fact, you don't need to do anything and this is what search engines like Google and Bing are trying to do by inventing new technologies every month or day or year. It's an evolving virtual platform involving several industries. But it does have a core point that is when people search for information, the right and best pages have to be displayed. And Google is very close to it by using logical factors and technologies.

Are you close to seeing the big picture of SEO? You need to create the right information and product that will fulfill consumer's needs and promote your business using online resources as usual instead of writing contents for Google BOT when we should really focus on customer needs. To be honest if you focus on customer needs you will not depend on SEO as much many people are doing nowadays.

So as a bar owner you can create a blog section on your website and also add a social forum where people can chat. Isn't it a cool idea? As bar manager or owner you would love to share your rock hit Saturday night photos on the blog of your website where people can comment and add their photos too. Here you go! You will have real local people interacting through your website that is visible to anybody browsing the internet.

You can write your experiences and tips for bar workers. I am sure you will love it. When doing that, the words and phrases like "bars in London" will be in your writing naturally. Yes, you can spread it more by sharing in social media profiles like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and add your website and blog article links there which will be found by Google BOT automatically. You see the point?

So you can do your usual thing, spread the word in social media, blogs, forums and whatever you call it. There is no need to do anything special for SEO. The most thing you can do is submit your site urls to search engines and business directories. Business directories are a source of traffic by themselves.

It really is the real picture of SEO and search marketing industry. Yes you can hire people to write articles for you. You can may be hire a graphic designer or a programmer to do something cool for you. But there is no special need to go out in a virtual world without any specific math of achieving the goals.

As a SEO professional I would say, you can also hire someone to spread the word on the Internet by joining conversations on blogs and forums on your behalf which will also help for your website. Because every place you have a conversation, you leave your business information. It will not be irrelevant if you talk in the right place such as a beer brewery forum or blog.

Hope the article helps you understand the world of SEO and search engines. Thank you for visiting my blog. Have a great time!

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What Internet means for Millions on the other side of the Ocean and the coming generation

Imagine a boy of 20 years old who dreams about the world with little expectations. A boy who never heard of the Internet. Living in developing world but the most densely populated place on earth. A place full of stories of no employment and hopes of any light. A boy who loves, a boy who wants the most beautiful moments with the girl he fell in love with. A man wanting to work but finding no hopes!

Then this thing Internet came! A medium, a way to express! I didn't know that it was possible to just work and get on with my life. I didn't know that it was possible to get a job without bribing a government employee or being a relative of a minister. 

Yes, I saw my cousin becoming 16th out of 1 Million students in the Dhaka division. So she was surely to get something. But I was just ordinary. No good results, no special talents. I just wanted to work. It wasn't easy to work in the fields anymore. Because I was born in a lower middle class family and it was a lower class look to work in agriculture. Yes, societies like that still exists on earth.

The present of my life is beautiful! That's why I love Internet so much. It helped me to express myself, to reach the impossible! I am a freelancer working at My life is beautiful, now I know that my son will not lose his best girl because of not having money and job. Now I feel peace! Let's work!