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Free SEO Website Template for SEO Campaign of a New Website

Thank you for visiting my blog. Here is a free seo website template that you can use for any niche. Just make sense with how to do the same with your website or blog. Please share this free seo website template with others.

On-Page SEO Checklist
Your Domain Name
Page URL Optimization
Header Optimization
Page Title Optimization
Content Optimization
Image Optimization
Footer Optimization
Meta Tags (Title, Keywords and Description)
Inter-Linking Optimization with Anchor Text

Keyword List:
Keep things within your possible limite. List your targeted keywords here:

List of pages:
Keep the page urls here with Title or name so that you can use them when building links.

List of Social Media Profiles and Web2.0 Blogs

You may need to create many accounts in social media, forums, blogs, etc.

Possible Site List
List of sites you see on the way!

Day 1: Create social media profiles at minimum 5 top platforms. Try to use your own image. See my article on how to create text images to share on blogs and social media sites.

Day 2: Upload Contents to social media profiles and link them back to your site content source. Try to upload a good amount of information before you even try to get any followers. This way when someone comes to your page gets a feel of trust.

Day 3: Create some Web 2.0 Blogs (about 5), please bear in mind there is no point making 50. Because you may get banned by Google for building too many backlinks in a short period of time.

Day 4: Write some articles to publish on the blogs and share them on social media sites and also Reddit. Raddit is a great place if you do the right thing. Be real, not a traffic seeker!

Day 5: Write more articles to upload on your website. Create a blog page that will keep it on self. Share them on Social media profiles and make a list of article pages and all pages of your site.

Day 6: Social media time! Let’s choose one profile first and concentrate on that. Every social media site is huge. So don’t get lost! Engage with people, be real!

Day 7: Social Media Engagement

Day 8: Social media and Blog post on web2.0 properties you have created.

Day 9: Create few backlinks with anchor text to your site pages. Don’t over do it! This is just to indicate the Bot about what the link is about. Post more articles on your site.

Day 10: Social media Engagement

Day 11: Social media Engagement

Day 12: Social media Engagement

Day 13: Social media Engagement

You know how to do the rest! This template is made based on 100% white hat SEO techniques that you can use for almost any website. I focused on social media a lot because it is that important nowadays. Think of all those researches Google have been doing to improve their search ranking system just to make sure the real contents get to the first page. So your goal is to create best contents and spread them naturally as you would promote a website on the internet. You can also get engaged in the blog community. But again, please be real instead of just thinking of backlinks. You will see, the backlinks will follow you which it did for many content heros. SEO is not forcing the search bot to rank your website. SEO is understanding the search bot so that your contents can be syndicated properly.

If you like this free SEO template please share it with others. Are you looking for a custom SEO plan for your website? Please email with your website description.

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Marketing Photography Online! Marketing Photography Business on Facebook

Do you have a photography website or blog? Let's find some ideas to promote it using Facebook. First thing first, create a great Facebook page! After you are satisfied with the user experience, you can start engaging on Facebook.

Facebook Groups are some of the most crowded place on earth. Specially when it comes to photography since people love great photos. Don't just plan to go to a busy Facebook group and post your links there. Be real, comment/like on other people's photos. Make sure you are logged in as your page name so that people see it when you make a comment or hit like. Don't post buying/selling offers or anything that would require extra attention than the environment in the group. That's right, understand what others are talking about and then comment and like. These are just the normal things but to get the real attention you must give something useful or share something beautiful.

Now, of course I will not tell a photographer what are the beautiful things! Because you know it more than me just because you are into photography. So make a use of it. People love them on social media sites. You can also create collection of other people's works. Please don't forget to credit the real owner and link to original page when you share someone else's photo.

Comment on other pages in photography. Make sure you are logged in as the page name when commenting. You know, there are many people who just read the comments and take action by visiting a link. So if you have a nice page name with good photos, it will work for you. Make real and informative comments so that it get attention of other users in a positive manner.

Yes, it will take a lot of time. If you want good amount of traffic instantly, why not use Facebook ads. They have great features to target people by age, education, gender, location and many other demographic options. When you promote a Facebook page using ads, it's not just one time! You have the likes for ever. So engage with your audience by providing great contents.

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Yahoo Answers Traffic Guide 

Friday, 29 April 2016

How to get targeted traffic using Yahoo Answer

Yahoo answer is a great place to find serious buyers and people looking for specific solution. Depending on your niche you can help many people every day and get website visitors in the same time. Let's say you run a hairstyle blog that focuses on different hair designs and problem solving discussions. Let's go to Yahoo Answer and see what people are talking about.

I run a search for "hair style" in Yahoo Answers and click on newest questions. Let's take this question below for example,
If you are an expert in hair style and fashion, you can of course answer this well. Yes, I mean be real helpful and believe me it will pay you back big time. Now, here comes the interesting part! After you answer her question, you can edit that answer a little more and post it as an article on your blog for the audience like her. After posting the article, leave your blog post link in the source. Here you go!

This answer might or will rank in some keywords in Google and Yahoo both which has a respective link to your blog post. So you also get to become an authority blog by keep doing it everyday or few times a week. No, I didn't mean a huge chunk of traffic from one post, I meant reputation and visitors with trust in long run. Think of helping 100 people in two months. You see the picture? Yes, it will send you lots of traffic too, but you have work on that.

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Monday, 25 April 2016

Instagram marketing for business! How to promote a travel blog using Instagram?

I love travelling. It's my passion to travel the world one day. See the round! Do you have a travel blog or planning to start one? I worked for corporate travel companies and learned how they promote deals using simple methods. Instagram is not just a photo uploading site, it's a marketing paradise for travel companies and blogs. It's about making the right sense and you will find the results.

You need a lots of good photos! Don't worry if you don't have a camera or if you don't travel but still want to market a blog about travelling. You see, Internet is a great place with collaboration. You can make an Instagram account and share other people's photos. Just don't forget to credit the photo owner! You can also embed great photos by other users on your website. So if you have knowledge about specific areas, write something useful and embed related photos from Instagram, Twitter, Flicker and many other places. Here're the instructions on how to do it-
                                                        Please scroll down to read the rest....

After writing an article you can share the link in the post in Instagram with a photo. You can share the same photo that you embed on your Blog. Again, just don't forget to credit the owner by mentioning his/her Instagram ID in the Instagram post you make. Well, it is legal to share other's post and say, hey I just written something useful about this place. Here's the link! Make sense?

After you write some good posts on your blog and sharing them on Instagram, you can go for inceasing followers. It's really simple!

Share photos from related users
Make good comments on related photos
Like other's photos

In one word, start engaging with people. I am sure we love to talk about tourists places and travelling. So make your best BID. The other thing is, there is no end to learning. So you have to keep reading about different places and this is how you can write more.

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Looking to increase your Instagram followers? Try Social Monsterz to buy real Instagram followers.

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How to become instagram famous