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How to Effectively Do Social Media Marketing on Facebook

Are you a small business owner? Do you want targeted customers to your website everyday using Facebook? Do you want to create an effective Facebook audience for your business? Let's go!

Facebook is a great place for promoting any businesses. So the deal is to make a Facebook page with great contents that will attract people. I know many people talk about making custom designed Facebook page, but I prefer an ordinary page as it gives a natural look to the audience. It's not all about flashing out advertisement, it's about delivering the message. I recently promoted a fish home delivery service through Facebook. The page is in Bangla, so you won't understand the post contents. But take the education, how I promoted a local business using Facebook. The business owner was so impressed with my promotion that he gave me $300 bonus on top of the fee. He recieved 50 orders on the first week and the orders were increasing by number everyday. The page URL is

How I did it? It was very simple. The product was "fresh fish". So I went to fish market and made a small documentary about the market and how they bring fish from the river. At the end of the video I introduced the fish home delivery service. You can see the video here:

Then I made the Facebook page and uploaded the video there. I also took few hundreds photos of the product which is fish. With each photo I added fish name, price, delivery information, description, etc. The idea was to represent the fish market in the page by uploading photos of fresh fish everyday.

Now, we need to get real with the like numbers. You won't go far with inviting friends and promoting the page without advertising unless you are an expert in Facebook marketing. So here comes the Facebook Ads! Instead of creating ads I promoted the posts which made more sense and it really worked. The best thing is I didn't have to advertise to increase the page like. Because of the content type people who saw the posts many of them also liked the page. This is where it comes about having a great product and contents.

I spent $25 for the video and ended up getting over 30K views and lots of orders. The ROI to the ad budget was impressively good. Don't forget to filter the demographies of your target audience. In my case, the service area of the business was Dhaka city. So I selected Dhaka city, Male, Age-25 to 50, Education- minimum graduate and working professionals/business owners. Check out the video I made,

Bhairab Fish Market Documentary
Biggest Fish Market in Bangladesh- Bhairab Maser Arot! This is a short documentary on the fish market in Bhairab Bazaar, Kishoreganj. Please share it with your friends if you like it. You can also buy fresh fish by using our home delivery service. Please call <<<<01798-189777>>>> for orders & inquiries! Check the price list here
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It's very important to target the right demographic audience matching your product or service. Of course, you don't want to get useless Facebook clicks. The ROI is always in mind. So the marketing has to be with excellence!

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Monday, 21 March 2016

Paid Sick Leave Calculation for USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand

Employer cost per day when a staff goes sick, USA
In the US, it costs an employer $70 per day based on minimum wages for up to 3-5 days depending on states. If the employer has less than 10 staff, they don’t have to pay more than 3 days in any US state. The employers can increase the amount of hours of paid sick leaves without any notice.

The variances by states are given below:

East Orange, Elizabeth, Irvington, Newark, Passaic, Paterson, Trenton and Montclair: up to 5 days for childcare workers. Source:

California: In California the employers can limit the paid sick leave to 3 working days which is 24 hours in total. The employee must be eligible under the hourly accrual method. An employee gets one hour of paid sick leave for every 30 hours worked with the employer.  
The amount of paid sick leave CARRIED OVER TO THE NEXT YEAR CAN BE LIMITED TO 6 DAYS OR 48 HOURS. Alternatively, employers can use the ANNUAL ALLOCATION METHOD, whereby employees are GRANTED 24 HOURS OF SICK LEAVE at the beginning of every year, with no annual carryover.

Massachusetts: Maximum of 72 paid hours in a year. For employees of small employers, that include domestic workers, there shall be a cap of 40 hours of accrued earned sick time unless the employer selects a higher limit.

Employee requirements: The employee must have worked minimum 30 or more days within a year from the beginning of employment, is entitled to paid sick leave. Employees, including part-time and temporary employees, will earn at least one hour of paid leave for every 30 hours worked. Source:

Additional information: The one of the only five countries in the world without a national policy on paid sick days. Besides the US, only Lesotho, Liberia, Papua-New Guinea and Swaziland don't have paid sick leave.

Employer cost per day when a staff goes sick, UK
Employers are required to administer Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) to workers in case of serious illness. The rate is £12.63 per day, £88.45 per week for up to 28 weeks.

Statutory Maternity Pay SMP is currently 90% of average weekly earnings for the first 6 weeks of statutory maternity leave and then £139.58 for the remaining 33 weeks or 90% of the women's average weekly earnings, whichever is lesser. Source: page- 9,

Additional Note: Nannies who have jobs with more than one family may get SSP from each employer. Source:

Employer cost per day when a staff goes sick, Australia
Employers need to pay pro rata of 10 days in a year depending on their hours of work for employees. So when a full time worker is sick off work, the employer needs to pay AU$161.92 per day for maximum 10 days in a year based on average hourly rate.

Employer cost per day when a staff goes sick, Canada
In Canada, it’s not mandatory to pay sick leave. Employees who have completed three consecutive months of employment with the same employer are entitled to sick leave protection in Canada. The Canada Labour Code does not provide for paid leave of absence relating to sick leave, maternity and parental leave, compassionate care leave, leave related to critical illness of a child and leave related to death or disappearance of a child. However, the employee may be entitled to such paid leave through the employment insurance benefits under the Employment Insurance Act.

Employer cost per day when a staff goes sick, New Zealand
Based on NZ$14.75 per hour as minimum wages in New zealand, the employers need to pay NZ$118 per day when an employee is sick for at least five days’ paid sick leave per year to staff after six months’ continuous employment, then another five days after each subsequent 12 months’ service.

Note: The paid sick leave hours are calculated based on relevant daily pay or average daily pay. Source and more information:

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Make most of Youtube Video Ads. How to find highly targeted videos and display your message there

Videos are the most effective method of interacting with the end users. People really express their emotion when watching a video. Let's come to the point, what are you selling? What is your niche? Let's say you have an Amazon affiliate website that talks about or sells baby napkins. Now let's go to Google and search for how to change baby napkins. We see a Youtube video ranking on the second position. Let's check it out, the video has 487,955 views and of course more by now. Click on more>statistics, see the image below. This video,has 468 shares and the views are increasing everyday, see the graph below.

Now, as a seller you know that people who are watching how to change baby dippers may be also interested in buying one. Here you go. Use the same method to find more videos and make a list. After you have a list of highly trafficked videos head to Adwords and create a "TrueView ads" campaign. You can also use the same features using Youtube ads. You can learn more about how to target specific videos at
This is the power of social media. You can target people by age, education, keywords and more. I assume most of the online small business owners will have an idea of what kind people may be interested in your product. Here you have all the tools and features to find the right audience. Now of course you need a compelling video ad that will actually make people interested enough to visit your website. If you don't find an idea go to or and post a project asking for help with an idea and creation of a short video ad. May be 30 seconds to 1 minute maximum. Want it done cheaper? Head to and you will see 100s of video production offers for only $5. May be not all of them are great, but you can always check their past works and reviews. 

Start with one or two ads and try variations. Try to target at least 100 videos for good results. Have any questions? Email me at

Check out Instagram marketing ideas for a travel website or blog.

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Highly Targeted Traffic for Lowest CPC/Cost by Targeting Specific Pages

It's impossible to explain internet in one word. You can see it from almost any dimension as we do in life. This is where the internet marketing world is ever evolving with new technologies and ideas. Recently I came up with this idea for small businesses online to find highly targeted visitors using Adwords and directly contacting the webmasters. First of all, let's take a keyword or product such as handmade jewellery. Now, let's head on to Adwords Keyword Tool and search for keywords related to this. We have 12,100 searches per month for handmade jewellery. Now, let's search in Google for handmade jewelleries. After searching with few keywords I found this site  that seems to have good amount of traffic related to Handcrafts. Let's check this site with SEMRush. They get 7.8K monthly traffic and that are all organic from search engines. Click on organic on SEMRush and see the ranking pages with traffic volume and ranked keywords. We have this page for the keyword "how to clean copper jewelry", according to Adwords the keyword has 720 monthly searches. So if you are selling handmade copper Jewelries, you can certainly target these people who supposed to already own copper Jewelry which means they might buy more or may be they are looking to buy one and that's why learning how to clean it. You really have to try few to get the math right. This site has more pages that you may target for different types of jewelries. Now, this site doesn't have Adsense ads on it, but they do allow advertising. So all you have to do is contact them and ask for quote to display a banner on those pages you have selected. You will find other sites who already have Adsense ads on them. So you start a placement network campaign and target those specific pages. If you don't see your ads after a while, it's certainly indicates the current ads are paying higher than your CPC bid. So be brave to go ahead and display your amazing product to the right audience.
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