Thursday, 29 December 2016

How to promote your restaurant on social media. Explained in easy language

Social media has become a big part of our general life. So a restaurant owner you can take a great advantage of this. Do you own a restaurant in the USA or UK? Then you have some amazing opportunities to promote your local restaurant business on social media like Facebook. Here is the deal,

Make a Facebook page with your restaurant name
Upload great looking profile and cover photo
Add your menu and create some good posts

Time to get people, Let's make it a little creative. Why not offer a free starter or something to the people who like your Facebook page. Of course they will buy other meals too as people don't go to restaurant just for a starter. Now, how to reach your local people using Facebook?

Create a post with your free starter offer
Click on "Boost post" under your posts on Facebook page
Select the demographic options by targeting people with your post/zip code and area name
Select a good budget of $100 so the post gets maximum views
Don't forget to include your restaurant phone number in the post

Have a take away service? Get rid of the old school leaflet service. Using Facebook you can reach the local people on their big screen in real time. If you make good food you can get unlimited number of takeaway orders using Facebook ads.

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