Saturday, 17 December 2016

How to get spread in social media sites without spending any money

Do you need to promote a business or blog website but don't have enough money? Did you know you can do that if you have enough time. Let's assume you have a website that talks about local fashion shops in New York. Here are some steps to promote your website to the local people.

Create a Facebook Page and promote it to local people. There are many ways to reach specific group of people. Join Facebook groups and pages that are related to your topic. Start conversation with people. It's not just about going to a group and leaving a link there. It's about getting to know with the people and let them know what you do. 

Create a Google plus profile and follow local people from your profile. Before you start following people make sure your account has enough contents to attract people. This is where many people get it wrong. You have to make your presence first before asking people to visit you. Join groups that talk about your niche. There are tons of groups on Google plus. So here is your chance to introduce yourself to a larger audience. 

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