Wednesday, 28 December 2016

How to create a business facebook page without a personal account

You are not alone. There are many people who want to keep their personal profile really personal. Did you know you can open any types of Facebook page from your personal account and still hide your personal identity from the public. If you want to make it really that private then you may open another profile with your business name and create a business page from that account. You may create a group as well with the same name. So you have more opportunities to reach people.

Now, what if you want to promote the page through Facebook ads? Facebook ads are the most effecting way to reach targeted people in any location. If you have financial account in your business name then you can of course use that to pay for the adverts. 

If that doesn't solve your problem, why not open another account with your name and use your own financial details to promote the page. You can also hire people at freelance market places to naturally market the page to specific audience. But there is not alternative to what you can do with paid Facebook ads. It even lets you target people by zip code in the USA. This is a wonderful opportunity for any local business to easily and quickly reach the local audience. 

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