Saturday, 21 May 2016

We still have long way to go to establish ethical SEO and online marketing

There are lot of talk of doing ethical SEO and online marketing. But as a freelance marketer I know that we have long way to go. We hear a lot from search engines like Google about how you can amazingly promote a site by publishing seriously good contents. But the reality is a little far from that. We still have the black hat seo professionals and marketers roaming the internet like kings and queens and many wanna be ethical marketers wondering what's wrong with my efforts.

I don't know if anyone would be even reading this post. But I just keep writing expecting that one day we will start speaking truth for real.

Everyone wants to make money. So the people in Google and other corporate companies want to make as money they can. All the ethical talk they do are just part of their PR service to keep you happy and satisfied on their activities.

If you are a marketer or SEO professional want to promote a service or anything, do your math instead of depending on the sweet talks of big companies.

It's all about reaching the right audience. If you have something to say to people or a right product, crack on it and reach your audience doing whatever it takes. From today for a wanna a be ethical marketer like me, there is no so called white hat marketing formula on the internet.

If Google and Facebook can tell all the sweet words and unethically keep my personal data, then who are you and me to be super ethical and be a loser in online marketing. 

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