Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Thank You Google for Creating Innovative Technologies that Have Begun to Help the Real Publishers

I like to write my way and express my thoughts. But the energy to continue definitely comes from the readers and the end users. So it's important to syndicate my contents to the right audience to get the feedback I wish for. I really don't want to think of any keywords and SEO when writing about something. It really doesn't make sense to write for software BOTs when I am trying to express creative things.

I followed the search industry since last 10 years and never did any so called long term SEO campaign. I did try things to learn and tested different ways to be assured as a writer that I don't need to worry about reaching the audience. I saw Google making all the technological and policy updates over the years. To be honest, it's not perfect or close to perfect yet. But it is starting to make sense. At the end of the day, search BOT is a program designed by human but it doesn't have human sense. So the people in Google have done some extraordinary invention of search technology that is starting to help the real publishers who don't care about SEO.

I am sure they will make many more updates to make sense on how to display the right and best information on search result page. One thing many publishers need to realize is Google is not the only source of traffic and they are creating technologies to send you in the Sand box if you are a traffic seeker.

There is a big difference between traffic seekers and real publishers. Yes, the real publishers also want website traffic. But it's not their main goal. When there are many publishers who are just writing for the BOTs instead human. It really puts the end users in confusion sometimes. So we need to make human sense, not BOT sense.

I support all the movements Google is making to improve the search results. Thank you Google for making a better place on the Web. 

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