Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Some Thoughts for Serious Entrepreneurs and eCommerce Business Owners

What business do you run or wanting to start one? Internet is a great place to make your dreams come true. But don't get hooked into it too much. Remember this is a virtual platform made by Humans. It's a medium to  communicate like mobile phone and telephone. Internet is of course the greatest medium we have invented so far. It gives us opportunity to reach thousands and millions of people from a single platform and without travelling. So as a business owner you may see the consumers as numbers, but please remember each number is a human being somewhere on earth. Yes, we see no difference between BOTs and Human when analyzing website traffic. But you get the point!

Product/Service, Website, Content and Communication. When working on these four things, some people are focusing too much on Search BOTs instead customers? One example of such behavior would be inserting several keywords in an article to rank on search engines when people search for them. I really feel that as a simple writer. Because I really want to talk to the audience when writing about something. Many keywords may come and many new keywords will be invented if a publisher could focus on end users need instead of trying to impress a software BOT.

Did you realize by doing these things we are losing our concentration from the consumers. Many established websites and eCommerce companies know about these things very well and that's how they achieve success. If you think you can get lots of traffic by impressing the BOTs and make lot of money, but that's not long term. Did you realize how many people got annoyed because they can't find what they need. And one of the reason for that is many of us focusing less on how a human will navigate. Many business owners and SEO professional would focus on impressing the Google BOT but not think of impressing the consumers!

I really think we need to focus on that and create solutions for the end users that will save you from spending on advertising and learning all the critical search algorithm methods.

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