Monday, 2 May 2016

SEO Tips for Beginners, SEO professionals, Website Owners and Local Business Owners

SEO Tips for Beginners: The age of Internet have gifted a new era for the business owners. We came to learn about many things in an evolving technology market. SEO stands for search engine optimization which is a way to get your website indexed by Google search BOT. So if you own a bar or restaurant business in London it may interest you to display your business information on the top of the first page when people search in Google for "nice bars in London". The thing is you are not the only person who wants to be there and "best bars in London" is not the only search term that people would search for when intended to find information about bars in London. There are other search terms such as "London bars", "cool places to drink in London" and specific area searches such as "bars in brick lane, London".

So what you need to do as a business owner to get found for those search terms? You, of course don't want to get overloaded by ranking for too many keywords or irrelevant search terms. In fact, you don't need to do anything and this is what search engines like Google and Bing are trying to do by inventing new technologies every month or day or year. It's an evolving virtual platform involving several industries. But it does have a core point that is when people search for information, the right and best pages have to be displayed. And Google is very close to it by using logical factors and technologies.

Are you close to seeing the big picture of SEO? You need to create the right information and product that will fulfill consumer's needs and promote your business using online resources as usual instead of writing contents for Google BOT when we should really focus on customer needs. To be honest if you focus on customer needs you will not depend on SEO as much many people are doing nowadays.

So as a bar owner you can create a blog section on your website and also add a social forum where people can chat. Isn't it a cool idea? As bar manager or owner you would love to share your rock hit Saturday night photos on the blog of your website where people can comment and add their photos too. Here you go! You will have real local people interacting through your website that is visible to anybody browsing the internet.

You can write your experiences and tips for bar workers. I am sure you will love it. When doing that, the words and phrases like "bars in London" will be in your writing naturally. Yes, you can spread it more by sharing in social media profiles like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and add your website and blog article links there which will be found by Google BOT automatically. You see the point?

So you can do your usual thing, spread the word in social media, blogs, forums and whatever you call it. There is no need to do anything special for SEO. The most thing you can do is submit your site urls to search engines and business directories. Business directories are a source of traffic by themselves.

It really is the real picture of SEO and search marketing industry. Yes you can hire people to write articles for you. You can may be hire a graphic designer or a programmer to do something cool for you. But there is no special need to go out in a virtual world without any specific math of achieving the goals.

As a SEO professional I would say, you can also hire someone to spread the word on the Internet by joining conversations on blogs and forums on your behalf which will also help for your website. Because every place you have a conversation, you leave your business information. It will not be irrelevant if you talk in the right place such as a beer brewery forum or blog.

Hope the article helps you understand the world of SEO and search engines. Thank you for visiting my blog. Have a great time!

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