Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Social Media Traffic Blueprint in Easy Language for Catering Business Owners

As a business owner you must have heard of recent social media boom that attracted millions of businesses worldwide to use social media sites as a source to reach your audience. Now, it may not apply well for some  businesses. But it works great for many businesses like travel, photography, wedding and endless lists. So how can you take advantage of it as a business owner? Do you own any local business such as restaurants and cafes? Well, the good news is you can make use of social media sites without hiring an expert if you invest one or two hours a day. It may not reward you instantly but you will benefit from it for long term.

Isn't it cool as a cafe or restaurant owner, if you could post your famous breakfast meal photo with all the highlights of fresh ingredients and if that was seen by 200 of your local neighbors, how good it would be? Imagine having a Facebook or Instagram profile where you post photos of fresh meals that you are making everyday in front of an audience of 2000 people fans or followers. Of course, not everyone will see it. But if your fans and followers are local then surely some of them will see all the meals you are posting every morning. You can do that for launch and dinner too. 

Based on for the people in London, here is a cool idea to promote a restaurant or cafe using social media websites:

Create a Facebook page since most people are familiar with it. Now, photos matter! This is what people see to gain trust on you. I found photos of real work performs better on the web. Call it a law of nature or however you can explain it. So take photos when you are making those super tasty breakfasts and other meals and post them whenever you get a chance. It doesn't take lot! If you have a good mobile phone you can take as many photos you like and post them on your page in a second. 

The idea is to give the customers an impression of live activity. I believe we are part of the universe and as a form of energy we love to see things moving and live! So you have an active social media page that is updating every hour or so with fresh photos and all the discount offers and free meals for your best mate. 

Now it comes to getting to the audience. What about making a voucher of 10% discount if you like us on Facebook which I think many people will do or you can even offer a free starter or coffee or tea when someone local likes you on Facebook. Here you go. You build the audience who matter to you. There is no point paying all the big companies. I have seen people paying five thousand pound a month to a SEO company to promote 5 of their branches. Man, this is crazy, you know! 

Do it yourself! What's the point of having fans from Ilford when you have a restaurant in brick lane. You 
need local people. There are many other ways to get local fans and followers on social media sites. You can even use their ad features which I think lets you target by even post code. If you spend one hundred pound there it will bring you thousands of pounds in return. Because for one hundred pound you can get at least 150 to 200 followers who are all local of your area and this is for ever, not like a monthly plan. So do your math and make the most out of social media sites. Show off your creativity and the famous meals you can make.

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