Wednesday, 18 May 2016

How to promote a website using Tumblr

Tumblr may not be the hottest platform like Facebook and it may not have all the fame like Instagram. One thing it does have is a regular flow of people in almost any niche market. There are 550 million monthly active users on Tumblr and on average 120K people sign up on Tumblr everyday. What about it?

The first thing is to make a Tumblr blog with link to your main website. Here, you can write blog post or upload photos and videos. Unlike other social media platforms Tumblr also gives you the features to like, comment and share other's posts. So you have a blogging platform that is more like a social media site and you know what? All the links on Tumblr are dofollow which is an important factor for SEO. Here are some of the steps in easy language:

1. Create Tumblr profile
2. Write few posts before you start engaging with other people.
3. Do some reading in your niche on Tumblr, like some posts and start making great comments
4. Keep writing posts, follow more people in your niche and just be real and talk to people
5. Social bookmark your Tumblr posts and share them on other social media sites to get better results
6. Use Tumblr paid Ads to get faster result

One thing I noticed that GIF images are very popular on Tumblr. So find a funny idea matching your product or service and make a cool GIF image. Depending on your business, Tumblr paid ads can bring you great success. Did you know 69% of Tumblr users are Millennials and 42% of the visitors are from the USA. The last best thing is 78% of their traffic comes from mobile device.

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    1. Thanks a lot guys. Tumblr is a great place indeed. Their links are also dofollow. Memes work really well at Tumblr if you are planning to promote on Tumblr. I looked at your website. You guys seem to be a leading software company.

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