Wednesday, 18 May 2016

How to promote a restaurant in London using social media sites

Do you own a restaurant in London or any other urban city? Did you know you can take huge advantage of the rising social media sites? Here are the steps in easy language

1. Take as many photos you can (may be few hundreds to thousands) of your meals, restaurant and the team
2. Create a Facebook page and upload few hundred photos there
3. Write your messages with every photos such as special offer, meal price, special night, etc.
4. Click on "Boost post" which you find under every post on Facebook page
5. Select a budget of $50. Promote 5-6 posts to start with
6. Select the demographic option to chose the area, age, occupation and education if you like
7. Be seated and answer the questions people ask on comment
8. Have your phone ready to take bookings

Please make sure you chose the right demographic location since you want to show your ad to the right people in the right area. While promoting some posts using the ad feature, keep posting new photos of your meals and other nice things. Because you gonna have local people liking your page and when you post more photos they will see it on their Facebook wall. I wouldn't advice to over do it. But you can of course upload 20-30 photos in a day and may be promote one or two for $5/$10. When you do that for two weeks you will have thousands of locals as your Facebook page fan who will see each time you upload something. What a great platform it is for a restaurant owner. There is nothing better than showing off your newly created meal offer to all the local people.

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