Friday, 20 May 2016

How to Earn Extra Money Online Legitimately by Doing Hard Work

What are you? What skill do you have or what can you do? Well, you may not have any knowledge in technology but you can still own an online business with very small or no investment at all. If you are an educated person reading this post and you have a good amount of time that you can invest every day then I have so many good news for you. All I say, create a plan and keep working! 

Work using the freelance marketplaces and service sell sites like Freelance sites are great way to earn extra or full time living using the internet. You can create a profile for free at and apply for one off or even permanent jobs. You would be surprised knowing how many things you can do to earn money without getting any additional training. I have lived in London for a long time and I know for fact people from English speaking countries can easily adapt to different kinds of jobs. May be it's about being more simple and focus at present. Here is a small list of work types that you can do without any training and they are available frequently on freelance websites:

Transcription, Can you write what you hear? Well, transcribing an hour of audio can earn you $20-$30 which I think not a bad pay specially if English is your first language. 

Writing is not preferred by everyone I guess. So only if you like to write about anything. 

Personal Assistants or Virtual Assistants have a great demand on freelance websites. There are many online businesses growing everyday. So you can easily find a per hour job that you can do from home. 

Data Entry may sound a little boring. But if can sit on computer for hours to search and copy/paste data then you can find many jobs using freelance sites. 

There are many other things you can do to start earning money from today. Internet is a great medium for anyone to make an amazing use of it. So go for it and enjoy life! 



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    1. Thanks for your comment! Please bookmark our blog and check regularly to get update on new articles. Our aim is to display right information in front of people.