Wednesday, 18 May 2016

How to be a successful freelancer and work online

Congratulation on your decision to be a a freelancer and take control of your life. So what skill do you have or plan to learn? That's right! The best way to be a successful freelancer is to have a skill that has high demand in the market. In this article I will share some of my personal experiences and a small summery of what I have learned as a freelancer after working online for last 4 years. I am a full time freelance marketer and web researcher working through Upwork. I have many skills that I learned over time by reading free resources on the web. It really takes your personal will and motivation to take action and start learning.

If you are not sure about what skill would suit you, there is a cool way to figure that out. Okay, so what kind of person are you? Do you like to work a lot? Do want to make lot of money? Or you just want a handsome income and have spare time for other activities? This is a serious issue which may force you career migration after settling in an industry. If you are one of those guys who doesn't care about socializing too much and you are hungry to make money then I would suggest to marketing. Internet marketing is an endless evolving industry that involves several platforms and sectors around the world. Remember, it will take you good amount of time to clearly understand how the web systems work. If you don't really care about making a lot of money, instead you want a moderate income without any business responsibilities. You have many options to chose from. A creative minded person may want to be a graphic designer or illustrator. 3D animation and video editing are also interesting areas to work in.

A graphic designer can earn very handsome income and live a beautiful life. To get started get a copy of the latest version of Photoshop that is Photoshop CC. There are thousands of video tutorials with step by step guides. If feel you need some guidance you can find a local training center where they teach graphic and animation. Believe me you will feel amazing after creating beautiful designs and when it pays a lot of money too, you know how it may feel.

How much can you earn as a graphic designer? It really depends. Because you can get a logo designed for as low as $5 on websites like But there are thousands of logos being designed every day for as high as $5000. You have all kind of places for graphic designers. You can sell many types of designs on different market places like Dribble and Graphic River. Some companies will pay $500 for a logo where some will pay $50. So it really depends on your work quality and current clients you have. It doesn't take long for a graphic designer to improve and get higher paying jobs. You can always start from small and improve over time. When practicing in Photoshop using tutorials, you can also join design competitions on different sites. You may not win any of them. But you get a feel of what people need from a graphic designer. The other thing is you also see how other people are doing and by competing with them you can become better every day. You really need to give time on it. It's not something that you can learn in two three days. To bring perfection it may take you 2 to 5 months or may be earlier if you are that serious.

This is a innovative and creative industry to work in. Even there are thousands of people learning graphic design every day, you still will have enough jobs because of the evolving nature of the Internet and the industries involved. Think of how many people use internet in the world. We have more than half of our population who still don't have access to internet. It's growing everyday with super speed and jobs are created every seconds. When internet grows more web properties are needed and hence more graphic designers are needed to design many things. As a graphic designer you don't have to relay on just internet. There is unknown amount of offline market for graphic design in press, publishing and many other sectors. So it's a growing industry that will keep going for generations.

Do you want to be an Internet marketer instead? An internet marketer is rewarded with many things. As a marketer we really need to learn and focus on people behavior. We analyze consumer actions and trends that keeps us in the tune with current life trends in the world.

How much can you earn as an internet marketer? Man, how far can you take? How hard can you work? How much patient do you have? Can you work without expecting rewards instantly? Can you put hard work in building something valuable? If you can answer all these questions in a positive manner then you can surely become an internet marketer. I have been reading here and there for may be last 6 years or more. But I have been working as a full time freelancer since only last 4 years. Yes, I took really long because I had another full time job that I couldn't just quit. I actually like internet marketing more because of it's nature than earning money. Only recently I started building my own web properties when I have been working for other people using freelance platforms since 4 years. But all these time I have been also reading about different topics in the industry. I learned SEO on my own and remained a white hat professional even though I know many ways of black hat SEO. But at the end of the day spamming isn't my choice. I want to do things freely and proudly.

You don't need to learn everything about the internet to get started. In fact, you can earn a full time living as an internet marketer within 3 to 6 months. But it will take a lot of readings and practice in the same time. You can start a blog or a social media page/group and promote it to build an audience in a specific topic or niche market. It's about creating a platform for people crowd or having the ability to reach specific target demographic of people. Think of having a Facebook page about food recipes. Of course you have to have some knowledge about cooking to do that. So find a topic that you can talk about to an audience of people. Research the market and create useful contents that will help or interest people for real. The next step would be learning how to get page fans which you can learn by reading articles and watching tutorials video on Youtube.

Make target such as 5000 thousands fans in a month. If you can create amazing contents you can also spend some bucks on Facebook advertising to get few thousands followers to start with. Can you not put all these time at all? Do want to just work like working in an office job? Try There are many data entry, personal assistant, transcription, writing and other jobs that you can begin today. All you have to do is make a free profile and apply for the jobs that you are confident at. Try not to rush it. There are and there will be many many jobs. So be sure about client's requirements before applying for a job.

Hope the article helps you on the way to become a freelancer. Wish you all the best! Have a great time.  

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