Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Top Twitter Follower demographic Tools for Social Media Success

Do you have a big list of Twitter followers? Then it's time to analyze them. When you know the demography of your followers you can easily promote something. It also helps to get the most attention of Twitter followers since you know what they might like. Here are some top tools to analyze your followers.

Twitter Analytic   Free
"Measure engagement and learn how to make your Tweets more successful. Followers. Explore the interests, locations, and demographics of your followers." This is what they say! I say it's actually great. You can see the interests, gender and type of device of your follower audience. It helps a lot when you are planning to do something with your follower list. You can also see performance of all the tweets and amount of link clicks from them.

BirdSong Analytics Pay as you go
This program is a little expensive. But provides lots of inside data specially if you have a big follower list. Here is what they say, "BirdSong’s suite of Social Media Analytics Tools can empower you to make your campaigns work smarter and identify new potential opportunities for growing your audience. You can analyse any Facebook Page, Twitter , YouTube Channel or  Instagram Account account in just five easy steps, with payment via a credit or debit card. We don’t ask you for a monthly commitment or subscription so you can buy just one report from £24.99 or six or more, via discounted packages."

Demographics Pro Paid and Pay as you go
Depending on followers charges from $29 something per month to $359.95 per month. Not a bad tool for Twitter accounts with big follower list. See a sample of their report Click here You can also analyze your Youtube and Instagram account with this tool.

Simply Measured Paid
This tool lets you analyze all the top social networks including Twitter and Facebook. It more analyzes the tweet activity of the followers and the keywords on follower's profile. But it doesn't tell you the gender like the free Twitter analytic does. I think for many people, its also a matter of managing and tracking all the social media from one platform. See their sample Twitter report, Click here

Followerwonk Free and Paid
This is one of the best Twitter analysis tool available. I use them to find targeted twitter users which you can do using Twitter too. But they do have one or two extra features which matter. You can analyze the followers and follow of any Twitter user using their free version. Well, what I see- they give you free what others are charging $$$ damn, I need to make a Twitter app soon!

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