Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Summer Time! What to sell on your eCommerce website?

Are you one of those eCommerce marketer or website owner who wants to make the most of summer? Well, you may have some ideas already. So let's match and see what we got!

Sunglasses: Yes, sunglasses are one of the most hot selling product online during summer time with millions of searches. Of course, there are market competitors. But I am sure you know how to make a scream loud enough to make the audience hear you. Think of media buying from targeted websites. Need help with research? Give me a buzz at Twitter or send email to

T-shirts: You probably guessed it next! Round collar t-shirts are some of the most selling products on eCommerce websites during summer time. Get your bag and head to Asia to buy them for $1 each and sell them on your eCommerce website for $10-$20 per T-shirt.

Ladies Tops: O yes, they sell more than you can imagine. You need to find the right item that are made to wear during summer time. Girls love them. Give them options and special price. They will find you! Hey, don't forget it's online. So you do need to spread the word to sell in high volume.

Need more product ideas and sourcing to sell on your eCommerce website? I am an expert researcher and Marketer with the right knowledge to find you profitable products. Email me at

I can also provide detail presentation on the products above with all the information you need. Thank you for visiting my blog. Have a great day!

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