Thursday, 21 April 2016

Realistic Website Marketing Plan to Promote a Web Design Company

Internet is a virtual copy of life. We can make use of it in many ways. So, what website do you have? In this article, we will focus on marketing a web design company using different online channels. You can apply the same idea to any niche or industry. For those who don't know much about SEO, please bear in mind the SEO industry is continuously evolving and this simple marketing plan that I am talking about will meet all your marketing needs. First thing first, your website! What is your niche? Do some keyword research and optimize the site with good contents. Now, take it as normal world. We need to find people who will be interested in our service and products. You can target a specific audience to start with. It's about doing it right at one place and repeat it to other audiences and also discover new ideas. For a web design company, think about new businesses. 

Almost every new business needs a website nowadays. So how can we find an audience that is full of new business owners who may need a website. I am sure you already have some ideas popping out. So let's target a specific type of business who may need a website. Career coaching is a trending business in 2016. So there must be many new businesses opening everyday around the world specially the fast world. Now, after doing some research I found this Linkedin group with 5,954 members. The number may not be big but I am more interested in the type of members of this group. This group has many career coaches and specialists which means many new or looking to be career coach people also visit this group and see the posts. 

What about offering few website packages for career coach business. When you focus on one market you can tailor make the service for the audience. So do some research and see what new or useful you can provide. Create 3 packages on a great landing page with simple message and call to action. Join the Linkedin group and many other similar places you can find for career coaches. Contact the group/forum owner for custom advertising. Just posting the link to your service in front of a targeted audience can bring some great results. You can of course advertise your service in many other ways. 

Well, that's Internet for you! The virtual copy of the world. Make the best use of it. Do something amazing! Have a good time! Thanks for reading my blog post. You can follow me on Twitter for more tips and ideas about marketing. 

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