Thursday, 14 April 2016

Product Research- Proven Products with Manufacturer's Information That You Can Sell Right Now and Make $$$$ in Profit

Thank you for coming to my blog. Today I feel generous as it's the Bengali New Year today! So, I did some product research and selected few specific products with proven track records that you can sell on your website. You may have to do some negotiation with the sellers. If you are an eCommerce player, you will love this. Here are the products:

Bohemian Kimono Cardigan, Light Summer Jacket, Kimono Coverup, Blue Kimono, Unique Clothing, Summer Fashion

  • Overview

    Handmade item
  • Size: One size - Women
  • Materials: Printed viscose fabric, Rounded pockets with topstitch detail, French seams
  • Ships worldwide from Israel
  • Feedback: 271 reviews
  • Favorited by: 7011 people

This seller, Aluma Klein has lots of amazing products for sell on Etsy. You know the game! Contact the seller and get a bargain for wholesale price. Buy 100 of them if you are a confident marketer. In fact, you would buy more as a confident marketer. Because you can see that this product is selling like a hot cake. One thing with these expensive items is that you can easily charge $50-$100 on top of the wholesale price. It's about providing that glamorous dress that people really like and you know that this is a great product.

Summer Style Cute Tie Dyed Yummy Watermelon Unisex T-shirt With Pastel Red and Green Colours Hipster Indie Swag Dope Hype Mens Womens


  • Handmade item

  • Made to order

  • Ships worldwide from United Kingdom
  • Feedback: 850 reviews
  • Favorited by: 4655 people

IIMVClOTHING is a great shop with lots of good items. You can see, how hot this product is. The best thing is you can order custom products that gives another dimension to make your own brand. So, here again- contact the seller and get a bargain! 

By now, you of course know what I am talking about. So yes, Etsy is the place to find amazing custom products and build your own brand. I mean, there is no end to this opportunity. As an online marketer or a businessman, you can play with it for as long you want. Man, wish I was living in the UK or USA. There are so much opportunities flowing around specially on the internet. 

What are you waiting for? Don't have enough time? Need a list of successful products in specific niche? Well, I can do the research at it's best. Don't hesitate to contact me at or add me on Skype- inquiry.miah

I love talking about online marketing and eCommerce products. Want to catch up my talks? Follow me on Twitter. Thank you again for coming to my blog. Wish you all the best with your success! 


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