Saturday, 30 April 2016

Marketing Photography Online! Marketing Photography Business on Facebook

Do you have a photography website or blog? Let's find some ideas to promote it using Facebook. First thing first, create a great Facebook page! After you are satisfied with the user experience, you can start engaging on Facebook.

Facebook Groups are some of the most crowded place on earth. Specially when it comes to photography since people love great photos. Don't just plan to go to a busy Facebook group and post your links there. Be real, comment/like on other people's photos. Make sure you are logged in as your page name so that people see it when you make a comment or hit like. Don't post buying/selling offers or anything that would require extra attention than the environment in the group. That's right, understand what others are talking about and then comment and like. These are just the normal things but to get the real attention you must give something useful or share something beautiful.

Now, of course I will not tell a photographer what are the beautiful things! Because you know it more than me just because you are into photography. So make a use of it. People love them on social media sites. You can also create collection of other people's works. Please don't forget to credit the real owner and link to original page when you share someone else's photo.

Comment on other pages in photography. Make sure you are logged in as the page name when commenting. You know, there are many people who just read the comments and take action by visiting a link. So if you have a nice page name with good photos, it will work for you. Make real and informative comments so that it get attention of other users in a positive manner.

Yes, it will take a lot of time. If you want good amount of traffic instantly, why not use Facebook ads. They have great features to target people by age, education, gender, location and many other demographic options. When you promote a Facebook page using ads, it's not just one time! You have the likes for ever. So engage with your audience by providing great contents.

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