Monday, 25 April 2016

Instagram marketing for business! How to promote a travel blog using Instagram?

I love travelling. It's my passion to travel the world one day. See the round! Do you have a travel blog or planning to start one? I worked for corporate travel companies and learned how they promote deals using simple methods. Instagram is not just a photo uploading site, it's a marketing paradise for travel companies and blogs. It's about making the right sense and you will find the results.

You need a lots of good photos! Don't worry if you don't have a camera or if you don't travel but still want to market a blog about travelling. You see, Internet is a great place with collaboration. You can make an Instagram account and share other people's photos. Just don't forget to credit the photo owner! You can also embed great photos by other users on your website. So if you have knowledge about specific areas, write something useful and embed related photos from Instagram, Twitter, Flicker and many other places. Here're the instructions on how to do it-
                                                        Please scroll down to read the rest....

After writing an article you can share the link in the post in Instagram with a photo. You can share the same photo that you embed on your Blog. Again, just don't forget to credit the owner by mentioning his/her Instagram ID in the Instagram post you make. Well, it is legal to share other's post and say, hey I just written something useful about this place. Here's the link! Make sense?

After you write some good posts on your blog and sharing them on Instagram, you can go for inceasing followers. It's really simple!

Share photos from related users
Make good comments on related photos
Like other's photos

In one word, start engaging with people. I am sure we love to talk about tourists places and travelling. So make your best BID. The other thing is, there is no end to learning. So you have to keep reading about different places and this is how you can write more.

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Hope the information helps your purpose. Thank you for visiting my Blog. Please follow me on Twitter. Have a great time!

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