Friday, 29 April 2016

How to get targeted traffic using Yahoo Answer

Yahoo answer is a great place to find serious buyers and people looking for specific solution. Depending on your niche you can help many people every day and get website visitors in the same time. Let's say you run a hairstyle blog that focuses on different hair designs and problem solving discussions. Let's go to Yahoo Answer and see what people are talking about.

I run a search for "hair style" in Yahoo Answers and click on newest questions. Let's take this question below for example,
If you are an expert in hair style and fashion, you can of course answer this well. Yes, I mean be real helpful and believe me it will pay you back big time. Now, here comes the interesting part! After you answer her question, you can edit that answer a little more and post it as an article on your blog for the audience like her. After posting the article, leave your blog post link in the source. Here you go!

This answer might or will rank in some keywords in Google and Yahoo both which has a respective link to your blog post. So you also get to become an authority blog by keep doing it everyday or few times a week. No, I didn't mean a huge chunk of traffic from one post, I meant reputation and visitors with trust in long run. Think of helping 100 people in two months. You see the picture? Yes, it will send you lots of traffic too, but you have work on that.

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