Wednesday, 6 April 2016

How to Build a Twitter Profile that Will Attract Followers Naturally

Twitter is a great place for many types of businesses. A lot of internet revolution happened on Twitter. Now it came to a day when Twitter is live broadcasting NFL matches in the USA. What is your business or service is about? In every industry there are information gap that creates opportunities for businesses to educate their audience and gain trust. That's right! Don't just go to Twitter to sell straight away. This is one of the mistakes many small business owners make. This is a social place where information evolution is taking place. You will find many Twitter accounts providing useful information about their industry to educate the end users.

You see, people like brands who don't put a marketing message on your face every time. So become social with the end users by giving them the right information.

What are the usual things a visitor will see when browsing over your Twitter profile? Your Profile Photo, Description, Cover Photo, Number of Tweets, Following/Followers and The Last Tweet or Pined Tweet. You can't change the follower number in one day. For that you can do lots of useful tweets. Find the busy time of your followers by using Twitter Analytic.

When someone follows you give them a thanks by making a custom tweet. You know, little things add sometime. You can make comment on other tweets that will get you more profile visits. Make sense in whatever you do and try to make nice comments that will interest the audience and the person who tweeted.

Don't shy to ReTweet related and useful tweets from other users. Follow the experts and influencers in the industry. Retweet their tweets which will attract more people in the industry and end users. I think as a business you should retweet at least 50 tweets per day that are really useful. You will see it's not magic, it's actually logic.

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