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Free SEO Website Template for SEO Campaign of a New Website

Thank you for visiting my blog. Here is a free seo website template that you can use for any niche. Just make sense with how to do the same with your website or blog. Please share this free seo website template with others.

On-Page SEO Checklist
Your Domain Name
Page URL Optimization
Header Optimization
Page Title Optimization
Content Optimization
Image Optimization
Footer Optimization
Meta Tags (Title, Keywords and Description)
Inter-Linking Optimization with Anchor Text

Keyword List:
Keep things within your possible limite. List your targeted keywords here:

List of pages:
Keep the page urls here with Title or name so that you can use them when building links.

List of Social Media Profiles and Web2.0 Blogs

You may need to create many accounts in social media, forums, blogs, etc.

Possible Site List
List of sites you see on the way!

Day 1: Create social media profiles at minimum 5 top platforms. Try to use your own image. See my article on how to create text images to share on blogs and social media sites.

Day 2: Upload Contents to social media profiles and link them back to your site content source. Try to upload a good amount of information before you even try to get any followers. This way when someone comes to your page gets a feel of trust.

Day 3: Create some Web 2.0 Blogs (about 5), please bear in mind there is no point making 50. Because you may get banned by Google for building too many backlinks in a short period of time.

Day 4: Write some articles to publish on the blogs and share them on social media sites and also Reddit. Raddit is a great place if you do the right thing. Be real, not a traffic seeker!

Day 5: Write more articles to upload on your website. Create a blog page that will keep it on self. Share them on Social media profiles and make a list of article pages and all pages of your site.

Day 6: Social media time! Let’s choose one profile first and concentrate on that. Every social media site is huge. So don’t get lost! Engage with people, be real!

Day 7: Social Media Engagement

Day 8: Social media and Blog post on web2.0 properties you have created.

Day 9: Create few backlinks with anchor text to your site pages. Don’t over do it! This is just to indicate the Bot about what the link is about. Post more articles on your site.

Day 10: Social media Engagement

Day 11: Social media Engagement

Day 12: Social media Engagement

Day 13: Social media Engagement

You know how to do the rest! This template is made based on 100% white hat SEO techniques that you can use for almost any website. I focused on social media a lot because it is that important nowadays. Think of all those researches Google have been doing to improve their search ranking system just to make sure the real contents get to the first page. So your goal is to create best contents and spread them naturally as you would promote a website on the internet. You can also get engaged in the blog community. But again, please be real instead of just thinking of backlinks. You will see, the backlinks will follow you which it did for many content heros. SEO is not forcing the search bot to rank your website. SEO is understanding the search bot so that your contents can be syndicated properly.

If you like this free SEO template please share it with others. Are you looking for a custom SEO plan for your website? Please email with your website description.

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See another SEO template I made for a long term SEO project. Have a great time!

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