Monday, 21 March 2016

Make most of Youtube Video Ads. How to find highly targeted videos and display your message there

Videos are the most effective method of interacting with the end users. People really express their emotion when watching a video. Let's come to the point, what are you selling? What is your niche? Let's say you have an Amazon affiliate website that talks about or sells baby napkins. Now let's go to Google and search for how to change baby napkins. We see a Youtube video ranking on the second position. Let's check it out, the video has 487,955 views and of course more by now. Click on more>statistics, see the image below. This video,has 468 shares and the views are increasing everyday, see the graph below.

Now, as a seller you know that people who are watching how to change baby dippers may be also interested in buying one. Here you go. Use the same method to find more videos and make a list. After you have a list of highly trafficked videos head to Adwords and create a "TrueView ads" campaign. You can also use the same features using Youtube ads. You can learn more about how to target specific videos at
This is the power of social media. You can target people by age, education, keywords and more. I assume most of the online small business owners will have an idea of what kind people may be interested in your product. Here you have all the tools and features to find the right audience. Now of course you need a compelling video ad that will actually make people interested enough to visit your website. If you don't find an idea go to or and post a project asking for help with an idea and creation of a short video ad. May be 30 seconds to 1 minute maximum. Want it done cheaper? Head to and you will see 100s of video production offers for only $5. May be not all of them are great, but you can always check their past works and reviews. 

Start with one or two ads and try variations. Try to target at least 100 videos for good results. Have any questions? Email me at

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