Thursday, 17 March 2016

List of Button Compass Manufacturers In Japan and Taiwan with contact details

This was a research project for a US based client. There are not much manufacturers who produce quality small button compasses in Japan and Taiwan. So it the information below was hard to find.

Company nameWebsiteContactNoteCountry
TOKYO KEIKI FAX.+81-3-3736-0261Makes different products including compasses. Please inquireJapan
YCM Compass 03-38721161, Fax: 03-38731581, email: the button compasses. Manufacturer of compass with 80 years history. And its quality received high praise abroad trust it is clear from the fact that in Japan have been found in the Ground Self-Defense Force procurement items. Defend the proud ideal is a Japanese brand of product.Japan
Suunto +81 34 520 9417 USA +1 855 258 0900 (toll free)Makes the button compasses. Global company with subsidary in JapanJapan
Nordic Sports | telephone 0270-27-9505 (die) Fax 0270-24-2498Makes the button compasses. SILVA SWEDEN AB (Sweden, Stockholm) as a regular Japanese agency of the company manufacturing portable compass (compass), small and medium-sized marine navigation instruments, Japan domestic sales of various instruments.Japan
Tokyo magnet Industry Co., Ltd. TEL: 03-5686-8050, Email: the button compasses. Tokyo magnet Industry Co., Ltd. Our company is a comprehensive manufacturer of outdoor goods to sell compass centered on the Spalding brand (compass ... production volume in Japan), altimeter, pedometer and other outdoor goods, a gift related products, and the like. Japan
Co., Ltd. Mizar Tech 03-3974-3766, TEL: 03-3974-3760 FAX: 03-3974-3764 Makes the button compasses. Japan
VIXEN CO., Ltd the button compasses. Foundation 60 years came around.Japan
Dah Yuan Iron Works Co Ltd (886-4) 2358 5686 Fax: (886-4) 2358 5600 Key Contact: Mr Su, Song Sen President E-mail: the button compasses. Manufacturer and exporter with markets worldwide. Taiwan
Aropec +886-4-2569-3850, Fax: +886-4-2569-3842 Email: info@aropec.comAropec is Taiwan Compass manufacturer and supplier since 1963. Established from 1963, Aropec Sports Corp. has provided outstanding water sport productsTaiwan
CHUAN CHING MECHANICAL INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD Tel (1) 886-4-23374605 Fax (1) 886-4-23374734 Fax (2) 886-4-23368068Makes the button compasses. Capable of producing more than 1,000,000 pieces compasses per month.Established in 1980 and began on export business in 1983. Manufacturer of compasses for military, educational, outdoor and camping purposes, also available in gift sets. Attaching heavy emphasis to technology. Taiwan
Tonting Commercial Co.,Ltd. Address: Tel: 886-2-2812-6815 886-2-2812 6015 Fax: 886-2-2811-6626Makes mini compasses. Tonting Commercial Co.,Ltd. is a manufacturing and developing Company founded in 1984, the headquarter is located at Taipei of Taiwan.Taiwan

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