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How to Effectively Do Social Media Marketing on Facebook

Are you a small business owner? Do you want targeted customers to your website everyday using Facebook? Do you want to create an effective Facebook audience for your business? Let's go!

Facebook is a great place for promoting any businesses. So the deal is to make a Facebook page with great contents that will attract people. I know many people talk about making custom designed Facebook page, but I prefer an ordinary page as it gives a natural look to the audience. It's not all about flashing out advertisement, it's about delivering the message. I recently promoted a fish home delivery service through Facebook. The page is in Bangla, so you won't understand the post contents. But take the education, how I promoted a local business using Facebook. The business owner was so impressed with my promotion that he gave me $300 bonus on top of the fee. He recieved 50 orders on the first week and the orders were increasing by number everyday. The page URL is

How I did it? It was very simple. The product was "fresh fish". So I went to fish market and made a small documentary about the market and how they bring fish from the river. At the end of the video I introduced the fish home delivery service. You can see the video here:

Then I made the Facebook page and uploaded the video there. I also took few hundreds photos of the product which is fish. With each photo I added fish name, price, delivery information, description, etc. The idea was to represent the fish market in the page by uploading photos of fresh fish everyday.

Now, we need to get real with the like numbers. You won't go far with inviting friends and promoting the page without advertising unless you are an expert in Facebook marketing. So here comes the Facebook Ads! Instead of creating ads I promoted the posts which made more sense and it really worked. The best thing is I didn't have to advertise to increase the page like. Because of the content type people who saw the posts many of them also liked the page. This is where it comes about having a great product and contents.

I spent $25 for the video and ended up getting over 30K views and lots of orders. The ROI to the ad budget was impressively good. Don't forget to filter the demographies of your target audience. In my case, the service area of the business was Dhaka city. So I selected Dhaka city, Male, Age-25 to 50, Education- minimum graduate and working professionals/business owners. Check out the video I made,

Bhairab Fish Market Documentary
Biggest Fish Market in Bangladesh- Bhairab Maser Arot! This is a short documentary on the fish market in Bhairab Bazaar, Kishoreganj. Please share it with your friends if you like it. You can also buy fresh fish by using our home delivery service. Please call <<<<01798-189777>>>> for orders & inquiries! Check the price list here
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It's very important to target the right demographic audience matching your product or service. Of course, you don't want to get useless Facebook clicks. The ROI is always in mind. So the marketing has to be with excellence!

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