Sunday, 20 March 2016

Highly Targeted Traffic for Lowest CPC/Cost by Targeting Specific Pages

It's impossible to explain internet in one word. You can see it from almost any dimension as we do in life. This is where the internet marketing world is ever evolving with new technologies and ideas. Recently I came up with this idea for small businesses online to find highly targeted visitors using Adwords and directly contacting the webmasters. First of all, let's take a keyword or product such as handmade jewellery. Now, let's head on to Adwords Keyword Tool and search for keywords related to this. We have 12,100 searches per month for handmade jewellery. Now, let's search in Google for handmade jewelleries. After searching with few keywords I found this site  that seems to have good amount of traffic related to Handcrafts. Let's check this site with SEMRush. They get 7.8K monthly traffic and that are all organic from search engines. Click on organic on SEMRush and see the ranking pages with traffic volume and ranked keywords. We have this page for the keyword "how to clean copper jewelry", according to Adwords the keyword has 720 monthly searches. So if you are selling handmade copper Jewelries, you can certainly target these people who supposed to already own copper Jewelry which means they might buy more or may be they are looking to buy one and that's why learning how to clean it. You really have to try few to get the math right. This site has more pages that you may target for different types of jewelries. Now, this site doesn't have Adsense ads on it, but they do allow advertising. So all you have to do is contact them and ask for quote to display a banner on those pages you have selected. You will find other sites who already have Adsense ads on them. So you start a placement network campaign and target those specific pages. If you don't see your ads after a while, it's certainly indicates the current ads are paying higher than your CPC bid. So be brave to go ahead and display your amazing product to the right audience.
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