Sunday, 30 August 2015

List of Most Popular Hamster Breeds

Campbell's Hamster  Breed ProfileCampbell's HamsterBest kept in same-sex pairs or small groups reared together from a young age, the interactions of Campbell’s dwarf hamsters with one another are as fun as their interaction with their keepers.

Campbell’s dwarf hamsters are small, but they don't act like it. 
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Chinese Hamster  Breed ProfileChinese HamsterChinese hamsters are unusual among the small varieties of hamster because they have somewhat more in common with the larger Syrian hamster than with the dwarf hamsters. More >>
Hamster  Hamster Breed ProfileHamster Hamsters are nocturnal pets that tend to be more fun to watch than to hold. These lively 3- to 4-ounce rodents originated from arid regions in the Mid-East and Asia. Five species are commonly kept as pets. More >>
Roborovski Hamster  Breed ProfileRoborovski HamsterRoborovski dwarf hamsters (sometimes called Robo hamsters) are a social species best kept in same-sex pairs or small groups reared together from a young age. Roborovski dwarf hamsters are exceptionally quick. More >>
Syrian Hamster  Breed ProfileSyrian HamsterSyrian Hamsters are the largest and best-known of the domesticated hamsters and differ from dwarf hamster species in that they must be housed alone.More >>
Winter White Hamster  Breed ProfileWinter White HamsterWinter White dwarf hamsters are named for their natural camouflage. If exposed to longer nights and shorter days during winter, they become dusted with white over their base color, which they regain in the spring. More >>

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