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List of countries and their presidents and prime ministers 2015




North America[edit]


South America[edit]


  1. Jump up^ Eritrea only became independent in 1993.
  2. Jump up^ South Sudan only became independent in 2011.
  3. Jump up^ Bahrain only became independent in 1971.
  4. Jump up^ Brunei only became independent in 1984.
  5. Jump up^ Hun Sen was titled Second Prime Minister in 1993–1998.
  6. Jump up^ Palestinian Authority renamed itself State of Palestine on 6 January 2013 (move not recognized by Israel). Do not confuse with State of Palestine, proclaimed on 15 November 1988 by the Palestinian National Council (PNC) in Algeria, which remains a putative state in fact ineffective despite partial international recognition.
  7. Jump up^ Kazakhstan only became independent in 1991.
  8. Jump up^ Kim was referred to as supreme leader in 2011, and then appointed as First Chairman of the National Defence Commission in 2012, having been de facto leader of the state throughout.
  9. Jump up^ Uzbekistan only became independent in 1991.
  10. Jump up^ "Decret del 05.01.2015 pel qual es nomena al Sr. Thierry Lataste com a Representant Personal del Copríncep Francès".Butlletí Oficial del Principat d’Andorra. 14 January 2015. Retrieved 21 July 2015.
  11. Jump up^ Montenegro only became independent in 2006.
  12. Jump up^ The seven member Swiss Federal Council is the collective head of state and the government of Switzerland. Within the Council, the President of the Swiss Confederation serves solely in a primus inter pares capacity for one year.
  13. Jump up^ Parolin was archbishop, and therefore only pro tempore Cardinal Secretary of State until 22 February 2014.

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