Thursday, 6 April 2017

SEO for eCommerce websites. Complete online marketing guide for new businesses

As a ecommerce website owner you may find it confusing between doing SEO and promoting the website on the internet. Actually, you can do both in one marketing campaign. Today we will talk about how a new ecommerce website can get targeted website visitors and gain SEO ranking in the same time. 

SEO stands for search engine optimization and by saying search engine, most of us point at Google who owns 63.9% of the internet search market. But for many countries it may be just Google.

Let's get to the main point. What ecommerce store do you own. As example, we will take a baby dipper store that deliver products in the UK. The first thing we need to do is find out what people type in Google search to find products you sell on your website. For that, we can go to Google Adwords keyword tool. Make sure you select UK as location when searching for keywords. After you find keyword for the website and each product page, it's time for on page optimization. Here is a checklist for that:

1. Add keyword on page url, heading, title and description
2. Add keyword in meta title, description and keyword
3. Add keywords in all the product images
4. Create a video for each product if possible
5. Inter-link all the pages using right keyword
6. Make easy page navigation
7. Create sitemap and submit to all the major search engines
8. Add a blog to the main website where you can write about updates, new products and useful information
9. Add new contents to the blog every week
10. Setup Google, Yahoo and Bing webmaster account that will help to properly crawl the pages
11. Setup Google analytic to track visitors and learn more about the audience
12. Add button to all the social media profiles

Things not to do......

Don't overuse any keyword as it will detect your site as spam to Google search BOT. 

Now it's time for marketing works outside the website. The first thing we do is create profiles on all the major social media sites. This is where you will find your audience and even for SEO, social media plays a major role. I have observed better ranking of pages those do well in social media sites. 

Please see my article about how to promote your website on social media

Keep the social media profiles active and interact with people as much possible. The next thing we need to find is the influencers in your niche for your particular geographic location. Influencers can be anything from a social media page to a blog or forum who are talking about the same thing you are selling on your website. 

When you find some influencers, it will help you both in getting highly targeted visitors and ranking in search engines. Because search engine BOTs will look for recommendation from niche influencer pages to rank sites for a specific product keyword. 

There are many ways you can get links from them such as contributing contents or you can even offer commission on sale for the webmasters that will encourage them to do business with you. 

Ranking on search engines may take some time. So you need to relax and continue general promotion on the internet. Building too many backlinks in a short period of time can also result in penalty from search engines. 

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

A simple Amazon affiliate marketing plan to long term online success

Making money on the internet is not hard, but it's not easy either as it takes lots of hard work doing things. Are you motivated enough to put a good amount of time everyday to make your career on the internet? Let's look at a great opportunity that you can do from almost any country in the world. is the largest online marketplace on the world wide web. I am sure you have some idea about purchasing items at Amazon, but did you know you can also join their affiliate program and make commission on sale for referring shoppers to Amazon website. There are many strategies and formulas out there to make money with Amazon affiliate program. I will discuss a very simple method that anyone can do as long you can write about new products.

You can start by creating a Facebook page in a particular niche that you are comfortable at writing. Depending on your knowledge there are endless topics to chose from. Take some time, browse for 2-3 days to find a perfect type of product. I suggest chose something matching your personal hobby. It will help you write a lot and enjoy the work in the same time. Some of the example topics are music, movies, books, useful items such as mobile phone, computer accessories, fashion, etc.

One thing you need to remember, not everything on the internet get spread the same way. Some topics may get huge attention on social media sites, when some may get very small attention from the crowd. Whatever you select, make sure it goes well with the vibe where you will be writing your blog posts. You can also consider starting a blog at Blogger, Wordpress, Tumblr, Livejournal and many more free blogging platforms.

After adding some good amount of contents you need to start promoting it. For a Facebook page, you can do that by making comment on related page post as page name and posting page posts in related groups in Facebook. Don't expect traffic and conversion after writing few articles and posting in some groups. To be successful you need to write at least 200 to 300 articles about different products with Amazon affiliate links and promote the blog or page at thousands of places, not just on Facebook. You can use related groups on other major social media sites, comment on blogs, post in related forums, make videos and post them on Youtube and other video sharing sites and even use paid advertisement once you have a good amount of contents and visitors.


Thursday, 16 March 2017

How to really make money using the Internet! Evolution has started!

Internet is same as mobile, a medium to communicate. If you want to make money on the internet, think of how you can make use of this medium instead of looking for hidden magic on the web since there are none. There are millions of ideas. So I leave you to think this time.
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Monday, 27 February 2017

An easy eCommerce business model and Facebook Ads

Ecommerce is the most popular business model at present days and it takes least efforts to establish the business. You can start an eCommerce business for as low as $100 by making use of available platforms. Let's explore a simple eCommerce business model that we can start at low cost.

There are dropshipping companies for almost every industry where you can buy products to sell on your cCommerce website. But finding a good trustable company can be hard sometime. What about finding something specific that is already selling very well on the internet and the seller has established reputation?

Let's head to the world of real sellers who make their own items and sell them online. is a worldwide marketplace where you can buy handmade items. Let's find something beautiful that is already selling well on Etsy. After doing some research I found this product "Custom Name Metal Bracelet" that is sold 5,405 orders to date. This is a great gift for someone you care and that's why it will sell well in social media. The product is shipped from United states to worldwide.

Contact the seller and ask if you can pay for the item and ship to another address. Most of the sellers will agree and many sellers will be interested in building relationship with eCommerce business owners that will ultimately expand their business too.

You have a product, now it's time to make a website using one of the many ecommerce platforms available that don't need any technical knowledge. This product is selling for $19.99. Because it's a very popular product, you can easily price it for $30 and charge for shipping too.  But I like giving free shipping option as it encourages the visitors to take buy action.

It's time to get some customers. Create a Facebook campaign with the following audience targeting:

Location: Select the country location of your audience
Gender: All
Demography > Life Events > Long distance relationship

Why select long distance relationship? You guessed it right! They are more likely to send gift to their loved ones. If you find this article useful please share your opinion. Thanks for visiting my blog. 

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Make Serious Money By Promoting Ebay Products Using Google Adwords

Let's discuss a great way to make money by promoting Ebay products using Google Adwords. This is one of the best affiliate marketing technique that can make you serious money if done right.

Find high converting Ebay products that have special sale or other features. Electronic items are most common for sale items on Ebay. There are many affiliate networks out there. But promoting a brand product makes huge difference comparing to promoting CPA affiliate offers. After you find a good product, find highly targeted websites using managed placements of Google Adwords placement tool. But you may not be allowed to use direct affiliate link as destination url if you are promoting a brand name or if some else is already advertising the product. So I recommend using a landing page with special sale electronic items and promote the page using Adwords placement network. You can try few different products on some targeted high traffic sites and select best converting products and traffic source. You can hire a professional if you need help with the landing page. If you are not a good writer you should also get help for writing contents and set up a Wordpress theme suitable for product review sites.

Here is a great electronic product with 85% sale:

A great targeted site to promote the product above. This site has USA traffic and adsense ads on it with over 2 million weekly impressions:

You can find several affiliate products like this and promote them using Google Adwords.

Digital Marketing Learning Checklist for Beginners

We will start with finding a profitable niche, Keyword research How to check keyword performance and trend How to find long tail keywords SEO Competitive research SEO Tools How to write good contents How to optimize a website Creating social media profiles Different social media tools How to create good contents to share on social media Activities to increase social media engagement and followers/fans Running paid campaigns on Facebook, Twitter and other major social media sites PPC via Adwords campaigns in search and placement network How to build backlinks from different sources Database storage and communication How to create an web2.0 authority page How to build an email list Affiliate marketing How to chose a good affiliate offer How to setup high converting landing page Using Google analytics to understand audience behavior Other ways to create a successful marketing campaign Do you need coaching on all the topics above? Please continue reading.....

I can guide you through tutorials, setting up webpages and ad campaigns on every platform. I will dedicate 2-3 hours every day for up to 30 hours in total. If you can spend more time per day I am happy to give more time and I will not just end the project after spending 30 hours with you. I will rather focus on giving a complete idea about the digital marketing industry. So if it takes more time I am happy to do that. Please contact me to discuss pricing. You can email me at or chat on Skype at inquiry.miah 

I am a professional freelancer with positive feedback from many clients. I see the big picture of the web and digital marketing. Please also see my LinkedIn profile:

Monday, 6 February 2017

Ecommerce Owner? Sky Rocket Your Website Conversion Rate by Reading this Free Report

Today I have a special gift for the eCommerce website owners. Recently I conducted a research about how website speed can effect the conversion rate and other success factors. I did the research by matching existing research data in eCommerce industry. Download a PDF version of the report 

Major reasons why website pagespeed is vital

Monday, 30 January 2017

What to do if Google Adwords Display Network Ads are not Showing

Did you do any diagnosis for the ads that are not showing?
Visit this URL to learn more:

Are you using any keywords?
Some sites may use negative keywords for displaying their Adsense ads. Read this forum thread to get a clear idea:

Are you using location/age/language targeting?
The website of your placement may not have enough visitor for your location and age group. This is just a possible reason.

Are the pages very relative to your ads?
Make sure your selected placement pages are related to your ads. All the Adwords ads go through human review. Google is very concern to keep Adwords relative to display contents.

Any daily budget?
Low daily budget is a major reason for not showing Google Adwords Display Network ads. Specially if your selected pages receives high volume of traffic.

Using any affiliate link?
Please read Google's policy before using any direct affiliate link. In most cases, your ad will not get impressions.

Sometimes publishers may block certain ads if they have better performing existing ads on their page.

Client Response: I only use the display network with banners... so, I don't what to do with the keywords as I only want the ads to run on specific pages and there are no words in my ads... just images... I am only targeting the USA and gender/age doesn't matter to me at this point... I just want impressions on the specific pages I'm targeting :smile: All my ads are approved.

Answer: For display network you may also try keyword specific automated placement and filter out the best converting ads and placements by their performance. There is no point spending too much time if the ads are not showing. You may be competing against many other people which you don't know. Also if there is a high converting ad on a page, Google may not replace that as even you bid higher. Using keyword targeted auto placement can find you many good converting pages. I am not saying managed placement doesn't work. Depending on niche it can be very competitive.

Here are basics about Google Adwords Display Network ads:

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Sunday, 22 January 2017

List of equipment to start an IT office

Please comment to add something in the list.

1. Lighting
2. Desk table
3. Chairs
4. Lower table
5. Computer 
6. Printer/Scanner
7. Paper 
8. Pen 
9. Pencil 
10. Eraser 
11. White Board
12. Sign pen 
13. Internet 
14. Router 
15. Pen drive 
16. Card Reader 
17. Laminating Machine
18. Label Maker
19. Shredder
20. Official pad
21. Business card
22. Calculator
23. Sofa for visitors
24. Small fridge for water and drinks
25. Aquarium 
26. Flowers 
27. Air condition 
28. Electricity  
29. Fan
30. Generator 
31. Electronic Cleaning
32. Security & Surveillance
33. Paper Rolls
34. Safes

There is no end to the list depending on what you do and which country you live in! Check me out on Twitter  

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Can Instagram users track non-Instagram-users who view their profile?

Instagram doesn't have any feature to see who viewed your profile. This feature is only available at LinkedIn. Instagram is more of a public board and I think it's not very important from user point of view when it could help businesses analyze their social media performance. 

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Live call forwarding app! An app that let's you decide during the call to take the call - deny and forward

Question: I need similar apps and webtools where I can have the following usecase:

I'm busy and I get a call in on my iOS or Android device: I'd like to have an app that let's me decide during the call if I
- take the call
- deny the call
- forward it to another person (f.e. customer support)

It should not be a forwarding app where I have to choose in advance taking the call or forwarding it. It should be a live choice.

Answer: 3CX is a great app that let's you do all these things. Link to the app

Upon receiving a new call, 3CX Phone for Android will ring. If the application is running in the background, bring it to front. At this point you are presented with the caller details. Tap the green button which displays a handset to answer the call. Tap the hang up button (red button) to end the call.

Tap the transfer soft key, located at the bottom right of phone.(the caller will be put on hold)
Enter the number you want to transfer the call to.
Tap the Dial button (the green button) to transfer the call.
Once the receiving end of the transfer answers the call, the transfer will be completed.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Competitor is ranking for my Brand name, What can I do?

Here is the guaranteed process to remove someone ranking for your brand name on Google search results:

You can complain to Google if a page appearing in Google’s search results is violating your company’s trademark rights. But they will suggest you to contact the webmaster. So the best way to go is get a court order declaring your business rights and order to remove unlawful contents from search result page (e.g. pursuant to a copyright or trademark infringement suit). You can find more information here:

An excellent guide to the whole process:

The next step would be creating web presence of your website to climb in ranking which you can do by creating social profiles of your brand name with your official website. You may do this at top 50 social media sites including Google+. Here is a simple plan:

1. Create social profiles and update existing ones
2. Interlink all the profiles and link to your website
3. Fill all the profiles with some good amount of posts
4. Build 200-300 1st and 2nd tier backlinks to the profiles and your official website

If you are not sure how to get a court order, you can get help from a professional finding a lawyer. After you get the court order submit it to Google. 

Make sure you create all the social media profiles of your brand name with official website. To be honest, just by creating the social profiles may push you up in ranking for your brand name and drop the current page ranking on 1st place. But the court order will legally do the job for you. 

Monday, 9 January 2017

Entrepreneur Forums | List of Online Forums for Entrepreneurs

Every entrepreneur knows the value of forum discussions. There are so much to learn from experts around the world. Here are some great forums for entrepreneurs:
 The Fastlane forum is a busy place for emerging and established entrepreneurs to learn and help each other. On average the forum receives 422K unique visitors per month. You will find people from university graduates to pro entrepreneurs taking part in discussions. 32% of the traffic are from United States.
 Startup Nation is not a massive platform. But they do have a good amount of discussions going on by like minded people. The site gets 103K unique visitors per month. So there is a large enough audience to discuss about business. 37% traffic are from United States.

 This is not the busiest place to be. But there are lots of useful information and discussions for business owners in finance, banking, taxation, legal, etc.

 The admin zone is an excellent resource for eCommerce business owners. There are so much useful information. Though it's not a very busy place. If you are an eCommerce entrepreneur you will definitely find this place useful. is another great place to talk with entrepreneurs from around the world. The site receives about 43K unique visitors per month and more than 50% of them are from the USA.

List of busiest internet marketing forums

Non-English SEO forums (in French) (in Spanish) (in Polish) (in Russian)